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Conscious Parenting During and After Divorce
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3 Legal & Spiritual Tools You Need to Know When Divorcing
NIAW Panel Discussion on Fertility April 28
Don't miss our interactive panel discussion and the New England Premiere of ‪#‎haveababymovie‬ at the Independent Film Festival Boston during National Infertility Awareness Week! NOT in Boston? You can still join our panel remotely by going to www.Stagehound.tv/NIAWpanel where you can comment, ask questions, and be a part of the conversation, which will focus on pressing issues for the Infertility community.

Divorce Coaching: What I do as a divorce coach is to be that one point of emotional care that will help you by listening to your story and assessing your specific needs while including real time strategies about the process and pot holes to look out for emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

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Fertility Coaching: You Just Want A Baby! My fertility coaching practice focuses on a holistic approach to creating a family with proven strategies, insight and tips to navigate the physical, financial and emotional aspects of creating your family outside of your bedroom.

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Sparkle Up Blog: Intelligent, compassionate & sometimes humorous, our Sparkle Up Blog is written by women like you who share the ups & downs of their fertility and divorce journey.

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Kristen Darcy specializes in both Divorce Support and Infertility Coaching.

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“We have been on this journey for three years now and … I used to have very high highs and very low lows. But now, because of the strategies I have learned from you, I am able to live on a little more even keel. My husband has seen a vast improvement in my attitude and our relationship is stronger than ever.” – Julie & Fred

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