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Kristen Darcy is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, life coach & expert on the emotional aspects of infertility & divorce.

Work with Kristen to gain a sense of direction by discovering and creating your true life game plan, gain a sense of control, and improve your ability to understand and communicate your needs and desire. Living your life on purpose while creating a system of certainty in uncertain times of transitions such as divorce, fertility issues, a job change, moving or the death of a family member.

Going Through A Divorce & How a Divorce Coach Can Help

Every 13 seconds there is a divorce in America. 6,646 divorces happen per day. 46,523 divorces happen per week. Click Here for Infographic You may be contemplating divorce, seeking recommendations for a divorce attorney, wondering how to file for divorce or you may even have already hired an … [Read More...]

Infertility video

Listen to Kristen and the other inspirational women of the Fertility Planit New York “Patient Voices” panel discuss how to access fertility support. Click here to play.

The Year of Empowering Dreams

A long, long time ago when I learning to relax my intense type A  personality traits, I focused on using my will to create; pushing and shoving my energy towards a goal and tried creation by pure force. This was true for my fertility journey as well. I thought that I could out run the present … [Read More...]

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