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Kristen Darcy is an author, motivational speaker, divorce coach & expert on the emotional aspects of infertility & divorce.

Work with Kristen to gain a sense of direction by discovering and creating your true life game plan, gain a sense of control, and improve your ability to understand and communicate your needs and desire. Living your life on purpose while creating a system of certainty in uncertain times of transitions such as divorce, fertility issues, a job change, moving or the death of a family member.

The Benefits of Earthing

All of us New Englanders have been hit hard this past month with wicked winter weather.  The snowfall of 96.3 inches ties us for the second snowiest season on record.  Ouch!   So cold, snowy, dark and gloomy! Perhaps those adjectives are describing your current outlook too?  Does your outlook feel … [Read More...]

Infertility video

Listen to Kristen and the other inspirational women of the Fertility Planit New York “Patient Voices” panel discuss how to access fertility support. Click here to play.

5 Ways to Ditch the Drama in Your Divorce

Are you ready to take responsibility and have control over how much drama your divorce story will contain? You have choices and your choices are mirrored within your intentions.  What is your goal or intention? Could it be revenge, destruction, peace, freedom or a clean slate to begin … [Read More...]

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