Navigating the Costs to Conception: 3 Tips for Lesbians on the Fertility Journey

Guest post by Kelly Fenton. You can contact Kelly at The fertility journey can be one wild ride. It can feel like you are on a never-ending adventure and you have no idea when you’ll reach your destination (pregnancy). The more you can anticipate the better. When my wife Nicole and I started our fertility journey […]

Mother’s Day Survival Strategies!

Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without judgment. I definitely felt guilty about being confused and upset over Mother’s Day, but I did not take into account my situation and the effects the fertility treatments had on my mind, body and soul. So feel what you’re feeling without placing any judgment and then […]

Sending Out a Mayday! About Mother’s Day?

Does the prospect of Mother’s Day make you feel as though you need to send out your own private distress signal? The word “mayday” comes from the French “venez m’aider,” which means “Come (and) help me!” I remember feeling as though I so longed for someone to come and help save me from my infertility […]

Q&A: How do I apply BIFF to a young teen? Helping him feel heard, but setting boundaries

The Question: I was wondering, if my ex who is narcissistic has half custody and has caused trauma with my teenage children… and one of them is reacting with the verbal vomit and blame anytime he is crossed… and I know he learned that from his Dad… how do I apply BIFF to a young […]

SPERM!!! 3 Things Every Guy Need should to know about his Sperm & Male Fertility

April 24-30, 2016 is National Infertility Awareness Week, #NIAW and it’s the perfect time to talk about SPERM. Sara Naab of Trak Fertility and my co-host for the Making Dads Summit for the past three years, has a mission and it’s all about sperm! On her site the first impression of Trak is their […]

Q&A: Talking about The Silent Treatment! A form of Gaslight used by the NBPD

In answering a question from an attendee both Trissan Dicomes and Angie Atkinson shed some light on the silence treatment    The Question:  Thus far this has been great. The situation I am in does not seem to be addressed, hopefully in a future webinar it will. The partner that remains silent, and ignores problems, refuses […]