Is there a hammock in your summer man cave?

Did you know that “sol” & “stice” are Latin words that mean “sun” & “to stand still”? Given that both the Summer Solstice and Father’s Day are on June 19th this year I would like to offer a strategy to help change the associations to this day – get moving! Don’t stand or sit still! Celebrate […]

May Cycle Strategies (Part III): Two Weeks to the END!

The days of waiting! (Damn you two week wait!)  Pamper Yourself. Daily. What fills up your cup? Ensuring that it is half filled daily makes the journey go smoothly. Sounds a bit like a “spoon full of sugar” doesn’t it? What’s your sugar??? Creating this habit now will be so helpful when you’re a parent. […]

May Cycle Strategies (Part II): Are you in the Middle? Knee deep into a treatment cycle?

Bloodwork, ultrasounds, shots!  OH MY!!! . Two Strategies to help you maneuver through the middle of a fertility cycle. Schedule ten minutes per day to think about your fertility situation.   It may sound strange but this is a tried and true tip! The mental chatter can be overwhelming and what you resist persists, so to avoid […]

May Cycle Strategies (Part I): There are three things you can do today

Starting a treatment cycle today? Here are three self-care strategies to beginning when beginning a treatment cycle. Clear your schedule. During a cycle do not take on added activities! An IUI or IVF cycle is like another full time job. Practice saying: “I can’t possible do one more thing” Trust me, 10 years from now […]

Tracking Child Support Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore, For Both Parents

Guest post by Basil Bhatiya  from Lets face it, as a single parent you have a lot on your plate and your kid’s plate. Keeping track of time and money relating to your child custody is the last thing on your mind. If not done accurately it can result in unnecessary over payments or […]

Navigating the Costs to Conception: 3 Tips for Lesbians on the Fertility Journey

Guest post by Kelly Fenton. You can contact Kelly at The fertility journey can be one wild ride. It can feel like you are on a never-ending adventure and you have no idea when you’ll reach your destination (pregnancy). The more you can anticipate the better. When my wife Nicole and I started our fertility journey […]

Mother’s Day Survival Strategies!

Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without judgment. I definitely felt guilty about being confused and upset over Mother’s Day, but I did not take into account my situation and the effects the fertility treatments had on my mind, body and soul. So feel what you’re feeling without placing any judgment and then […]

Sending Out a Mayday! About Mother’s Day?

Does the prospect of Mother’s Day make you feel as though you need to send out your own private distress signal? The word “mayday” comes from the French “venez m’aider,” which means “Come (and) help me!” I remember feeling as though I so longed for someone to come and help save me from my infertility […]