Joyful Memories

Years ago during the holiday season, I was focused on a miracle, knowing I was at the beginning of an IVF cycle, with drugs “in the cue”. I was intending to conceive naturally, even after being told by my doctor that wasn’t going to happen. If you looked at me on paper, the statistics weren’t […]

Making This Holiday Sexy Fun: 11 Hot Flirting Tips For Couples TTC

Guest Blog by Tamara Green. Want to have fun this holiday season? Try sexy flirting with your partner and getting on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list – all at the same time. It’s easy for couples to get into a rut and forget the fun and spicy side of their relationship, especially when trying to create a […]

How Can I Make These Holidays Joyful?

Time seems to be flying by more quickly these days, doesn’t it? And when you’re trying to create your family through fertility treatments, time always seems to be an issue. I remember the anxiety produced as each month ticked by at lightning speed. Then add the stressors of the holiday season: shopping, preparations, the family […]

The Moment I Knew About My Fertility Challenges

October is upon us and so are the creepy, ghoulish, dark Halloween decorations displayed everywhere. I’ve read that Halloween sales totaled 6.9 billion dollars in 2013 or $75 per capita. Halloween spending even beat out the Easter bunny. I am so curious why we have embraced this eerie event. Maybe it’s because we can pretend […]

What are you planting?

The other day I just lost it. When I say I lost it, I mean I locked myself in the upstairs bathroom and just sobbed. Have you ever done that? The outpouring came out of nowhere and I couldn’t stop it. With the ceiling fan on the highest setting so I wouldn’t be heard, I […]