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For Fertility Clients

Kristen Darcy is the friend, confidant and inspiration you need as you navigate your fertility journey.

Whether you buy one of her books, read her blog posts or hear her speak at a workshop or conference, you will find Kristen Darcy refreshingly candid and highly motivating. As someone who walked in your shoes during her own struggle to create a family, she will help you address the emotional issues you are facing in a positive, sustained way. She offers coaching services for those who want an individualized emotional care plan and techniques to help them prevail over their infertility crisis.

One-on-One Fertility Coaching

Kristen speaks from “What I know now that I wish I knew then.”

During each one-hour phone and/or Skype consultation, clients address current challenges, work with Kristen to relieve stress, gain a sense of control, and improve their ability to understand and communicate their needs and desires. She speaks from “What I know now that I wish I knew then” as it relates to undergoing fertility treatment, communicating with partners to keep relationships vibrant and honest, and overcoming other roadblocks.

Everyday Certainty Workshop

Kristen offers a myriad of tips, suggestions and strategies for first changing your perception of your life and then creating a plan for making dreams become a reality.

Contact Kristen Darcy about the Everyday Certainty workshop.

For Fertility Providers

Kristen delivers her seminars, keynote presentations and coaching services with heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to help people change the way they look at the world and control the issues confronting them.

Helping Fertility Providers Help Their Patients

Kristen can help solidify the bonds patients already have with your practice.

Finding and retaining customers is more important than ever. Keeping patients/clients motivated to continue with treatment has a direct correlation with the perception that their providers understand their emotional as well as physical needs. Kristen Darcy can help solidify the bonds patients already have with your practice by connecting with them in deep and meaningful ways.

She also will help your staff realize the important role it plays in shaping patient opinion. Using her services is a great way to differentiate your practice or fertility-related company from the competition and to create the positive “buzz” that will help build and sustain it.

Building a Customized Plan for Your Fertility Organization

Kristen has worked with fertility practitioners from around the country.

Kristen has worked with fertility practitioners from around the country including Dr. Robert Kiltz of CNY Fertility in central New York; Village Pharmacy, a national fertility pharmacy; Dr. Randine Lewis of the Fertile Soul; and RESOLVE and the American Fertility Association, the nonprofit infertility support education, and advocacy organizations.

She will develop a customized plan that can focus on either patients or clinicians and which can include seminars, patient coaching, or other methods. She will teach staff members how to communicate and understand patients better and will help patients cope with the intense emotions they experience as they try to resolve their infertility.

Read more about Kristen’s seminars and workshops and services for fertility clients.

Seminars & Workshops

Kristen’s seminars offer peace of mind, companionship and critical strategies to women experiencing the trials of infertility. She provides the instant sisterly connection of a woman who has been there and survived. Kristen’s insights also help friends and family members better understand reproductive challenges.

Survival Strategies

During this 90-minute interactive seminar, Kristen Darcy presents, proves and reinforces success strategies for overcoming the emotional challenges associated with infertility. She provides an overview of many of the same techniques used in the “Love and Infertility” series. This presentation is ideal as an introduction to Kristen’s services.

Contact Kristen Darcy about the Survival Strategies seminar.

Love and Infertility: A Three-Part Series

Part I: “I Just Want a Baby!”

This workshop will help attendees understand their associations to their given situation and determine if they are hurtful or helpful; learn about their dominant communication strategy—visual, auditory, kinesthetic—and what this means during fertility treatment; set Daily Intentions to establish healthy boundaries; and create a Dream List and Goals for the next year.

Part II: “Gratitude: Are You Feeling That Your Whole Life Is On Hold?”

The workshop will help participants create a system of connecting to gratitude when they might be feeling as though they have nothing for which to be grateful; create a Daily Gratitude list to help them keep going on the tough days; learn to integrate a Daily Nurturing Item into each and every day to care for their mind, body and soul; and learn proven “Elevator Speeches” to have ready to answer nerve racking questions.

Part III: Couples Workshop on Forgiveness: “I Just Want My Wife Back!”

This workshop concentrates on how to remain grounded individually and in a relationship. Workshop attendees will create a Fertility Game Plan, which details what they are willing to commit to emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially to create a family. Additionally, they will learn the “Honey Do List” strategy and how it can immediately improve communication, change the atmosphere in their marriage and relieve emotional stress!

Contact Kristen Darcy about the Love and Infertility Three-Part Series workshop.

Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience:
A Seminar for Fertility Providers

Practicing effective management techniques is a key requirement to running a successful practice and providing employees and patients with a low stress, positive environment. However, medical practitioners receive very little formal management training in how to accomplish this goal. This interactive course will provide attendees with recommendations on how to improve their office environment and business potential.

Contact Kristen Darcy about the Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience seminar.

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