🌑✨ Harnessing the Power of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse ✨🌑

Tomorrow marks a significant celestial event—the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse—a moment when the sun and moon align in perfect harmony, casting shadows and stirring energies across the sky. For some of us in the US, it’s an opportunity to witness the breathtaking phenomenon of the sun momentarily darkening.

Yet, with all the buzz and excitement, it’s understandable if you feel oversaturated with eclipse talk. In our daily lives, the collective energy can sometimes overshadow our inner clarity, leaving us feeling as though darkness might encroach at any moment.

If you find yourself in this space, I invite you to pause and ask yourself: What is your heart’s true wish?

With the sun and moon in a celestial dance, now is the perfect time to connect with your deepest desires. What do you want? (Sun = Head)

What do you feel? (Moon= Heart) a perfect alignment to create.  

Take a moment to write down your New Moon intentions:

🌟 What I want now…

List out your wishes and harness the fiery energy of the sun and the transformative power of this eclipse event to “knock down the doors” to your heart’s wish. Embrace the cosmic alignment as a catalyst for change and manifestation.

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