10 Years From Now… What Will Really Matter?

10 Years From Now... What Will Really Matter?

10 Years From Now... What Will Really Matter?

We’re jumping into a new ten year cycle

I know it’s only November and typically my November newsletter is focused on self-gratitude, kindness and thankfulness during the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving but I wanted to pivot this month and begin thinking about 2020. A new decade. A new ten year cycle. I wonder if you agree that things have been topsy turvy as of late? That some aspects of life are changing, radically and forever changed. What you might have planned, organized or strategized to have happened has simply fallen out of reach or apart. Maybe leaving you with a sense of sadness, confusion or overwhelm.

Everything that I have been immersing myself in for learning to share within my coaching practice leads to the understanding that this is an important time in our collective lives. As this last ten year cycle is ending a profound shift is occurring and it is necessary to take a moment of pause. I ask you to look back on your own life over the past ten years with a different set of eyes. What have you experienced? A dark night of the soul? A total bottom falling out? Loss? Joys? Unexpected miracles? Where has the last 3650 days taken you? What have you learned about yourself? What was the best day? The worst day?

As we embark on this next 10 year cycle… 2020 what do you want to create? What is your heart screaming for you to do? I have come to believe through the great storms within our lives we are brought back to our self with greater love. We feel the separation to appreciate and understand being alone. We feel the great loss to understand and appreciate togetherness. We feel the betrayal to gain self worth and greater self love.

Let’s Play Pretend: Let’s pretend you’re driving your dream car, you glance into the rear view mirror and you can see the last ten years playing like a movie. With this perspective begin to take inventory over the last ten years, take what serves you into your dream car and release, let go of what no longer serves your hearts desire by simply allowing those images to fade from view as you drive away. Where are you going? What are you driving towards?

It’s time to be centered within a greater stillness and in love for self. To cherish all that you have done and listen HARD to the inner whispering that are calling you to grab hold of this new ten year cycle and bravely live. There is power within you. There is power in emotional balance and intuitive choice making.

Homework for this month is to contemplate what next year 2020 and the next decade is calling you to do? Where and what do you want to dive deep into? Take all your wisdom, successes and failures and create anew. *Take a moment and scroll through your camera roll and find a picture of yourself from 2010 and one from 2019. When you look at your photo, what appreciation do you have for your ten year younger self? Perhaps put your two pictures side by side. What would you tell yourself if you knew then what you know now? Feel free to send me your feedback and share your pictures with me! I would love to see them.

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