3 Strategies To Healing

3 Strategies To Healing.

Below are ways to use your intuition to heal narcissistic abuse and trauma.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma?  

Divorcing A Narcissistic Abuser?  

How You Can Practice Using Your Intuition & Spirituality to Heal

The collective frame of mind seems to be openly discussing the results of Narcissistic abuse and trauma.   Bringing out into the open the hidden abuse cycles, the long-term damage of being exposed to this type of behavior, and its effects on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  

The time is now to begin to embrace our unseen, unacknowledged birthright gifts that don’t necessarily get taught in school or perhaps acknowledged in your home.  We all have these gifts, our unique spirituality, intuition, and higher connection.  

The higher our energy awareness,  the stronger we are, the more resilient we are, and the more loving we live.   The more innate connection to our personal unique spark of source empowers us through love.   The more we rely on our spirituality to embrace our own frame of mind regarding who we are and how we are, or why we relate to ourselves and others the more we feel safe and have a grounded self-structure. 

Spirituality is really an exploration to understanding how we relate to people, places, and things through empowering knowing.  Being involved with a narcissistic person or situation can chip away at your power, abilities, and connection to the knowingness of you.  The trust in yourself can be eroded over time to a point of disconnection and hopelessness. 

There is great darkness that seems to engulf you when you’re awakening to the abuse and trauma of a toxic narcissistic relationship and the only way through is by shining a light from within to without.  

Here are three practical spiritual strategies to begin your personal spiritual journey towards healing and recovering from the bottom-falling feelings.  

Let’s shift our thinking. Do You Feel Like You’re Walking on Eggshells?  How do you shift from intrusive rumination to deliberate rumination?  (Intrusive rumination is a process by which one automatically re-experiences images, emotions, and thoughts that are related to an event. On the other hand, deliberate rumination refers to an intentional thought process through which one attempts to understand the cause and meaning of an incident, nih 2019)

Deliberate rumination puts you in the driver’s seat of your thought bus!  It’s a spiritually conscious act of going within, taking a little time to analyze and re-wire.  The pressure of the narcissistic toxic interactions creates an internal environment of hypervigilance which in my humble opinion leads to harsh rumination … hyper thinking about safety and reactions. 

Take back your power via your heart awareness. One sure way of quieting those harsh progressively intrusive thoughts is to simply put your hand on your heart and breathe in through your nose and out your mouth for three purposeful breaths.  

Connect to your heart energy and when you’re breathing out expand your heart light to surround all of you,  your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional self. Imagine your heart energy light has encompassed you fully, above, below, left, or right.  North, south, east, and west.  

Fueling yourself with your powerful heart energy disrupts the fight-flight-freeze-fawn response and gives you the “oxygen” to process and acknowledge what you are re-living or experiencing the trauma residue within.  The heart space is your access point to your intuitive power and presence.   (Not ready yet?  Or too woo-woo for you?  Then just know by mindfully breathing you are shifting your chemistry within ) 

Make it a spiritual practice (empowered choice)  to incorporate mini-heart mindful breathing over the course of the day.  Making a cup of coffee, heart-breathe.  Sitting at a red light?  Heart-breathe.  Have to have a call with the narc in your life?  Do a cycle of heart-breathing prior and cocoon yourself within the powerful heart light.  

Thoughts and choices.  Bumping up against the toxic narcissistic orbit on a daily basis creates a fog, a deep dense fog that has you believing that you don’t have the power to choose or are entitled to your choice.  The spiritual approach and empowerment to counteract this fog are conscious thoughts (above) and creating a practical spiritual empowerment choice muscle (again). 


Being aware and an observer of your thoughts makes you powerful in your choosing.  You have the right of thinking and act in alignment with your inner wisdom and intuition.  

The precious choice is your way forward within a spiritual journey.  Ask yourself:  How are you thinking about this situation?  Is your thinking aligned with your true choice and heart-centered love?  

If not,  try a powerful affirmation as an interrupter:  

I am entitled.  I am loved.  I have a choice.  I am very powerful.  I am safe. 

Be aware that momentary thoughts have powerfully reverberated.  Sometimes, ask yourself this:  Is this true?  Releases the fog of confusion and brings in clarity.  

Spiritual talisman

Spiritual talismans have been used since the stone age, as a physical reminder of protection, empowerment, and reminder that you have innate wisdom,  that no harm can come to you.  Dealing with the toxic energy that is associated with the narcissistic person having something that you wear that is a touchstone of remembrance that you are a spiritual being, powerful and loved.  Some examples of spiritual talismans are wearing crystal jewelry, a crucifix, a yin-yang symbol, an heirloom from a beloved family member, a charm, a picture of a deity, or any special animal that when viewed will embolden you back to the center and peace.  The heart wisdom has been covered throughout this article and the gemstone Rose quartz meaning is love and compassion.  Wearing, holding, and seeing rose quartz would be beneficial to the opening of all of you to your heart’s forever-present wisdom. 

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