3 Things That Happen When You Are In Fertility Treatments

3 Things That Happen When You Are In Fertility Treatments

(1) Anxiety levels can increase!

A big duh right? It goes without saying that entering into infertility treatments such as IUI or IVF causes stress and nervousness.

So what can you do? Try not to take on any other duties during this time. Keep your schedule the same or decrease activities as going through a IVF or IUI cycle equates to another full time job. Between vaginal ultrasounds, daily blood draws and nightly injections, be mindful that your mind, body and soul already have a full daily plate.

(2) Your relationships might change

Just for now, some of your social connections might move to the back burner and that might include family member relationships. It’s okay to insulate yourself during this crucial time. Think of this time as cultivating the space, time and love for your baby. Be gentle with your intimate relationship with your partner if you are coupled or be gentle with yourself if you’re adding to your family solo. Make a conscious choice as to who is surrounding you and creating your tribe. Think of who are the five (5) most important persons to you and your baby right now. Be around them! Your inner circle.

(3) Your body might not feel like your own

There are physical changes that occur during fertility treatments. Weight gain, fatigue and tiredness can occur. Each and every time a physical change is recognized, call in gratitude that your body is responding to all the demands that fertility treatments place on it. Your ovaries are being hyper stimulated, your uterus is being asked to get super duper thick for implantation, your physical body is accepting medication to do all the above through injections and with the change in body shape or feeling, it is answering its directive to create. Hold your body in gratitude each day by simply saying “Thank you body for working so much to create a baby”. The gratitude will shift (1) above too. Decreasing anxiety through gratitude is a sure thing.

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