3 Tips To Beat the Winter Doldrums

Winter blues, February blahs

Feeling the winter blues? You’re not the only one! February seems to be the month that the “blahs” are in full bloom.  

If you’re feeling down, energy, or mood lower than normal here are 3 Tips To Beat the Winter Doldrums.

  1. Get out into nature:  Being in the fresh air and moving your body helps so much!  Walking for 20 minutes a day and being able to see, feel and hear nature is sure to be a stress-relieving and mood-changer.  Connecting to nature boosts our mental health and shifts our energy. (Read my Winter Blues Blog here: https://www.kristendarcy.com/winter-blues/)
  2. Ground:  Touch a tree, hold a rock, or stand barefoot for a few moments on the earth (even in the winter) grounds your energy, relieves stress, and balances YOU!   (Watch Why grounding techniques work! Grounding Techniques for Uncertain Times here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chqqsisuFqQ
  3. Dream & Plan:  Use the winter months to plan and create for the warmer weather of spring/summer.  Start a journal of activities or things that you’ll be doing such as a garden, vacation, or renovations.  Future imagining is a powerful mind shift and make sure to take the time to feel the “feels” that you will experience doing those activities.  Your mind-body connection will benefit from your “mental vacation” NOW and chase the blues away.

BTW:  Special tip:  Feeling drowsy or overtired?  Rest. Listen to your body and take a cat nap.  A quick 15-minute nap can give you a boost and prevent burnout while increasing your alertness. 

Need some extra help to move through the blahs? 

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3 Tips To Beat the Winter Doldrums and I can help you get through the season with ease and a sprinkling of fun!  If you’re struggling right now a laser session might be just what you need.

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