3 Tips to Increase Your Empowering Emotions

The energy of Summer ushers in the sense of re-birthing, which is like our jet pack to a state of newness. That shot in the arm (sorry for the shot reference for my fertility peeps) so to speak can help us to take action to create anew. Below are 3 Tips to Increase Your Empowering Emotions

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to chuck all those heavy, energy-draining, emotion-strangling feelings for a sense of emancipation and freedom?

By shifting from darkness into letting in the lighter, longer days and warmer weather into our minds, body, and soul we can feel and create emotional resilience.

Here are three tips to increase your empowering emotions and grab onto the springtime feelings inside and out.

  1. The Feeling Wheel! I stumbled upon the Feeling Wheel developed by Gloria Wilcox. The wheel represents a mirage of feelings and brings the convoluted, overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions during a trauma or life crisis to the core of all emotions: Sad, mad, scared, peaceful, powerful, and joyful. So often during a “bottom falling out time” we get confused and thrust into an emotional tsunami. The quickest way back to the center is to name the emotion and call in the desired feeling. For example, if you look at the chart “overwhelmed” is connected to anxiety, anxiety’s core emotion is scared, nestled next to joy to excitement and daring. So, to get through if you are overwhelmed use decisiveness. A daring action will propel you through anxious moments. I recommend printing The Feeling Wheel and keeping it handy. Shift the emotional flow from something that trips you up and turn it into jet fuel to use to take action to feel your way through. Focusing on one feeling will slow down your spinning wheel and bring you into clarity.
  1. Kin Keepers: This concept refers to the role women play within family and relationships. Women are hard-wired to GO, BE ORGANIZE and be in communion with family. In a way it is the mirror image of the “hunter/gather role” for males. No surprise when we’re experiencing a “bottom falling out” time we have a tug a war feeling, perhaps isolating ourselves from others and then feeling poorly about doing so. We women are hardwired to work in communion. So create your posse of wing women that will ebb and flow with you through these feelings and share the same values of “keeping kin” as you do. Start by keeping track of kin-keeping tasks such as remembering birthdays, sending cards, organizing family gatherings and celebrations, planning vacations, and keeping the fabric of your familial connection strong. Then when you notice all these invisible acts of loving, see how you can outsource some of them to technology, such as scheduling reminders of birthdays, booking out times for gatherings quarterly, not monthly, and asking for help when needed.
  1. Feel and keep it! Holding onto the hope and sense of lightness is a process of learning to fill our own caldron up first and letting our lightness overflow to others.   If you shift your perspective from you & your body to that of a vessel that fills and needs to be empty, know that doing those hard-to-handle emotional releases, whatever that means for you, is the reset valve for your being.

I have to share with you that out of nowhere I had a crying episode at a doctor’s office last week. (I don’t cry in public) and at that moment the male doctor stood looking at me with a very unemotional theory as to why I was crying and verbalized it. I felt the release and awareness of my emotional body that was filled up to the brim. In hindsight, who cares that I let it out in front of an unsuspecting doctor. I poured out and now have clarity and space for all the light. Do you remember that little song about the teapot? Keep that image of letting off the steam in the teapot and being poured out.

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