50 Things To Do When You Are Diagnosed with Infertility

50 things to do when you're diagnosed with infertility.

50 things to do when you're diagnosed with infertility.
When you’re diagnosed with infertility, feelings of disbelief, anger, sadness, guilt, blame and anxiety can be overwhelming. Here are 50 things you can do to help you gain more control.

  1. Cry
  2. Scream
  3. Let it out! Emotional purge
  4. As for your medical records
  5. Start documenting your medical appoints to ensure accuracy & for review
  6. Get a second opinion
  7. Bring someone with you – 4 ears are better than 2!
  8. Get references to a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility clinics
  9. Attend 3 fertility center’s orientation
  10. Ask at orientation or open houses about insurance coverage
  11. Write a daily gratitude list
  12. Visit RESOLVE’s website
  13. Visit my YouTube channel
  14. Get a fertility buddy (I can help with that)
  15. Go to a in person support group
  16. Create your dream’s list (I can help with that too)
  17. Create your Fertility Game Plan (I can help here too!)
  18. Start the ritual of scheduling a date night with no baby creating talk
  19. De-clutter your life, clear out your home, mind and body
  20. Create your inner circle of supporters. Who are you sharing this with?
  21. Focus on all of you, mind, body & soul
  22. Cut down on caffeine, eliminate it if you can
  23. Cut down on alcohol consumption: Moderation
  24. Stop smoking
  25. Have your partner be seen by a doctor too
  26. Educate yourself about you!
  27. Start a level log: hormone
  28. Think of all of you mind, body and soul when you make decisions
  29. Nurture yourself
  30. Give thanks daily
  31. Begin to understand what emotionally triggers you (I can help with this,
    emotional resilience)
  32. Create your personal system for emotional resilience
  33. Hug – Give and get 10 hugs a day
  34. Ask Questions
  35. Connect to spirit
  36. Create a budget
  37. Plan fun
  38. Grieve – Let your self grieve without judgment. Mourn the loss of how you
    thought it would be
  39. When ready, dream again…. The new normal (#16)
  40. Ask for help
  41. Let the information guide you
  42. Call a time out
  43. Skip events if you’re not emotionally ready to go
  44. Plan a vacation and go!
  45. Cherish this time and part of the process
  46. Remember there’s a beginning, middle and end (Promise)
  47. Start a journal to your future child
  48. Stay open the best way for you
  49. Love yourself more
  50. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute coaching call with me!
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