6 Powerful Must-Ask Questions to Create & Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

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When your system is under stress and you’re in fight or flight mode, you’re in a reactionary stance. In this state, dreaming and imagining a life of your heart’s desire can be challenging.

Most of the time we think we’re in control and when our lives don’t reflect what we expect we begin to blame ourselves or others rather than go within.  

Whether you’re unable to conceive, haven’t been able to find that one true beloved, lost your job, your relationship, your way…. what I know for sure is that when you get to the FEELING behind the pain, witness the pain and get to the point enough is enough!  

The cracked-open part of you begins to commune with the Divine and you open the portal of possibilities.

That's why I’ve created this 3-part video series (with step-by-step instructions and a guidance worksheet) to help you create and manifest your heart’s desire!

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Video 1

Connect within and get clear about what you want.

Video 2

Laser focus intention on what actions you are willing to take.

Video 3

Understanding your unique creation boundaries.

Take part in this powerful offering to create and manifest your heart’s desire.

Kristen Darcy specializes in one-on-one coaching that has help hundreds of women move through heartbreaking transitions, out of toxic situation or relationships to manifest and transform themselves from the inside out!