A Client’s Success Story: Overcoming Holiday Stress

When I work with clients during the holiday season, I become acutely aware of the changes in their tone of voice and rate of speech. After years of coaching and training, the breathlessness of anxiety became remarkably apparent to me. This is a client’s success story: overcoming holiday stress. 

I want to share a story about one of my clients who displayed extraordinary grace while facing a heartbreaking circumstance. She had been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and assembled a team of professionals to help her navigate her options. Her desire to have a biological child meant postponing her cancer treatments. With her oncologist working closely alongside her reproductive endocrinologist, I was called in to assist with her delicate situation. She referred to me as a “midwife” for her emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

This woman embodied soulful bravery and an astonishing level of self-awareness. At times, I questioned whether my presence was necessary. During one of her coaching sessions, she discussed the balance between receiving help and the fine line where assistance can become burdensome for those facing medical diagnoses. BTW did I mention the timing was after Halloween the diagnosis and fertility cycle at Christmas time?  

Create your Inner Support Circle:

I posed a direct question to her: “Who do you want on your right, and who do you want on your left?” A moment of silence followed, and she asked, “Do you mean right now or going forward?” I responded, “Both.” She was clear and specific. On one side, she wanted her husband, and on the other, her mother. That’s all she wanted and needed.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where, even when you’re the one in need, you put the feelings, wants, and desires of others before your own? Have you been concerned about not including someone within your inner circle of support not because it’s what you need, but because you believe the other person needs it more?

Remember, doing what is best for you doesn’t require anyone’s permission.

So, I ask you, as the holiday season approaches, who are the supporters you want on your right and left sides? Be discerning and choosy. It’s your right!

post note:  A healthy baby boy was born and a change in the cancer treatment protocol occurred.  Family is healthy and happy. Always think of a client’s success story: overcoming holiday stress when you need a positive thought.

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