A New Cycle is Coming!

A new ten-year cycle is coming! A new ten-year cycle is happening!

I feel like Paul Revere! Alerting everyone to a new ten-year cycle is occurring!

There is a divine offer of a new slate or blank canvas to write the next part of your life’s TEN year story on.

Are you going to accept it?

To begin again can be a daunting proposition, especially if you have been broken hearted. Broken hearted by another person or current life circumstances.

So how do you get the courage to begin anew again? If we rely or focus on our own unique wisdom, what you have learned in the past when you felt completely broken, but you got up again, wiped off the scrapes and bruises and just plain kept going, that is the place to begin! That’s gumption: shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness. What was that inner drive, aka gumption, that made you laugh in the face of danger and/or defeat?

Over thirty years ago when I had my preschool/learning center, on my shelf in my office I had this saying “Easy at the beginning. Easy at the end!” Whenever I embarked on something new, perhaps feeling that pit in my stomach feeling, me judging timing was taking way too long or the goal had way too many challenges, I took a pause. (Re-read my blog The Gift of the Pause here).

It took some hard-learned lessons to recognize that feeling or twinge and make the connection or association that it was my internal wisdom calling. It was as if an internal alarm clock would go off and I would utter the affirmation, “Easy at the beginning. Easy at the End!” Stop dead in my tracks and course correct. To get clear, ask what my intention was and move forward purposively with gumption!
I know in my life when I overlooked or didn’t act on the inner alarm things got messy, wicked messy.

Taking the leap into your new life can be easy. It should feel joyful and it should also have a sprinkling of some fear and grand tentativeness, after all we’re co-creating here. Calling in our wishes and heart’s desires.

I believe that if you come from a place of reminding yourself that you are tremendously loved by the universal and even when you’re cranky, feeling unlovable and down and dirty depressed there is an unseen force working for you, kicking the not-so-easy blockages out of your way and orchestrating your heart’s desires for you.

The easiest way of moving towards something and away from your past is to: 1) Ask clearly, 2) Release fully, and 3) Connect with your gumption by reminding yourself you’ve began again before and made it! Begin by asking within and without (out loud) to your guides and angels for direction and listen for the reply. Cultivate a practice of actively listening within. (I’m still of learner of this practice, and yes, I talk out loud to my angels!)

My BFF Tamara Green is a master at releasing fully. What do I mean about releasing fully? Not being attached to a rigid outcome, knowing if something isn’t easy or falls away, the non-easy parts will be handled for you. The reason why is because YOU are loved beyond you know. (Read Tamara’s Power of Visualization blog here.)

The critical piece is the practice of asking clearly for what you need/want and reminding yourself to be clear, and fully release the toxic gunk that gets stuck on your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. If you’re unhappy, learn to ask yourself why and not become your unhappiness. Ask yourself what would bring you joy or spark your self love.

You already know the answer…

A new 10-year cycle is here! What are you going to create??

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