Act On Your Intuition

This might be too woo-woo for you but it is a critical time now to act on your intuition and begin having dialogue in the most appropriate way with yourself and your intuition muscle.

We were born with our intuition and our intuition has always been there. It is that feeling to take some action that our ego (aka fear) might be blocking us to do so.

Perhaps you experienced the sense or feeling “I really need to speak up about this” (regarding your infertility or within negotiations for your divorce) but fear stops you.

How do you activate and use your intuition in a life crisis or challenge?

Show me a Yes!

If you stand straight with your eyes closed and ask yourself to show you a Yes reply to a question, do you lean forward or backwards?

Your body will indicate to you how it will give you yes feedback. It’s like muscle testing if you have heard that before. My Yes is leaning forward and my No is backward. Send me a comment telling me your Yes!

Then ask yourself a yes or no question. For example,

  • “Should I share this information?”
  • “Should I move forward with another cycle? Yes or No? Is this right for me now?”

If you’re struggling with a choice or waffling between opportunities or options, closing your eyes and activating your expanded heart center and you’ll know your Yes and No. It will connect you with your divine wisdom and intuition.

Journal Prompt

Do It/Don’t Do It! Intuitive Log

Find yourself locked between the internal confused voice- banter of do it/ don’t do it? Write it down and begin an intuitive log. Write daily, weekly or even monthly and circle back and review your intuition track record. You’ll be surprised. By doing so you’re cultivating a deep relationship with your intuition and your inner self.

Click here to download the journal prompt.


  • I like my life; I’m in control.
  • I am enough.
  • I’ll succeed by following one step at a time.
  • I’m okay right now because life wants the best for me.
  • I’m connected with the environment and comfortable right now.

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