After it all! An Affirmation to help remember to be happy again!

Have you ever been all by yourself and perhaps singing or humming and lost in your own thoughts and world?  And all of a sudden you catch yourself in your own happiness? Have you been there lately?  Into moments of your own personal happiness?  After it all, we need to remember to be happy again!

Those moments occur by design and heart decisions. 

This summer, when my children were home we all coexisted under one roof again, which is still strange sometimes even though we rode out covid together.  With the windows all open and the screen doors the same I was working at my computer and my daughter was out on a run.  When she got home, she let me know she could hear me humming okay, maybe screaming  “The Hey” Rock n Roll song by Gary Glitter all the way down the street! 

You might know it from sporting events or the Joker (never saw it too dark for me). Anyways,  for some reason that song makes me feel happy when I’m overwhelmed or my system is overloaded.  It is kinda my anthem of release after an intense situation or coaching session that my client’s open and connected heart detoxifies a great deal of energy.  I dance and sing it and move my body!  

I let my inner light shine as the affirmation of choice…. 

The more you connect with your heart center and let your heart drive your decisions; you get comfortable with your light and we all benefit from it.  Even in my darkest moments, knowing my inner light was a constant and maybe temporarily dimmed, but never out! 

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