The Ants!

We woke up with a sea of black ants all over the kitchen floor! Where did they come from and how did they get in??? It was kinda overwhelming. It was the beginning of the heatwave and the house was 87 degrees at 5:00am and the humidity was like walking through a wall of stifling heat!

I quickly became the ant detective, following them and watching where they were going and what they were looking forward to. I surmised water. So as non-invasive as I could be, I sprinkled black pepper on the thresholds of the doorways and waited for them to be gone!

Well, that didn’t work. They just continued through the piles of pepper into the house! It wasn’t until I went to take a swig of my coffee and there floating was the largest black ant I had ever seen! The kindness approach was gone! I went to the hardware store and got the big bad ant cups!

I would sweep the ants up and bring them outside in the dustpan bridging the black pepper barrier but it wasn’t working and they didn’t go into the cups! It’s like they knew something wasn’t right about them!

Then I heard baking soda or baking powder stopped them so I sprinkled that powder around the foundation and threshold like it was confetti!

Still they persistent! The grossest feeling of all was that they were now on my couch and desk! I went ahead and got the spray outside and they seemed to leave.

What the heck is going on!

Seeing black ants crossing your path may indicate that change is ahead. That change might relate to your community. The word “community” here could have several different meanings. It might mean the people who surround you where you live.

Want to start noticing the universal conversation? Ask! Please let me notice the signs, symbols, synchronicity and connect with my animal spirits helpers! Increase your connection energetically and ground.


I embrace change.

Change is easy and smooth.

I attract the perfect people, places and things.

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