Are We Hardwired To Protect Our Hearts?

Are You Protecting Your Heart?  

I recently read some interesting articles about how we are hardwired to shield our hearts.  Keeping our “distance” is like our superpower from experienced pain and perceived future pain (future thinking). It is through acknowledging the pain and putting some attention on our feelings for healing that we are able to stay open, most importantly for ourselves and others. 

How do you drop your armor around your heart?  Especially when your current life experience is inducing fear, sadness or loss (aka infertility or a relationship crisis like divorce) When those feelings of self-protection are strong for me and I feel like recoiling into myself I stop and say “You are safe”.  Your body, mind, emotional and spiritual bodies are interpreting energetic hits, and with this new understanding of being hardwired for shielding oneself, reacting automatically by Armor up!  Shields Up!

Our automatic response to protect and being conscious of this response means you can change it. You are courageous, kind, filled with forgiveness and have such great heart stamina!  You have overcome so much and it is safe to keep your heart open and receiving. 

Try to breathe into your heart center.  Close your eyes and within three deep breaths imagine your heart center is expanded to shoulder width or beyond.  Relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw.  Relax your tongue. Relax your forehead.  Relax your eyebrows.  Soften.  Soften your neck. Soften the space between your shoulder blades.  Connect through your heart to your authentic self.  You have all that you need to live your brave open heart.  You are safe. 

Journal prompt:  How do you know when you’re putting up your armor? 

Checking in with my heart I ask:  Am I open or Closed?


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