Are You MAD?

I’m bringing it back, people!  (I can hear the groans) The Feelings Wheel and let me tell you why!  Let’s face it.  The undercurrent (maybe not so under) current of people’s energy is  ANGER.  MAD.  CONFRONTATIONAL. Are you mad?

Are you feeling MAD, scared, sad or fear are your prominent emotions? Do you feel hurt, hostile, angry, selfish, hateful, or critical?  How about skeptical, irritated, jealous, frustrated, sarcastic, or distant?  Those are in the RED MAD pie slices of the feeling wheel (below) and I feel as if we’re collectively stuck there.  Or stuck without coping strategies to deal with all that. 

There seems no room in the energy to hold ourselves together and the harshness of it all is at the surface.  Why is there just a shortness with each other?  and an “I’m gonna say anything to anyone” way of being.  

Perhaps we’re still in recovery mode?  We’re heading into a new way of being because collectively we all had that crazy life event and now we are forever changed by it and, to be honest, there is a residue of ugliness now.  I’ve noticed that we speak of our life as “after covid” because things have changed.  

Things have changed.  We’ve changed.  

And I am forever optimistic that wants us to change for the good, FOR LOVE.  The Peaceful royal blue slice of the feeling wheel.  The content, thoughtful, intimate, loving, trusting, nurturing, relaxed, pensive, responsive, serene, secure, and thankful slice.  Sprinkled with the joyful, powerful, and respected lighter blue slice.   Let’s live there more in that half of the feeling wheel because we’re seemingly on the other duality half more. SAD. MAD. SCARED. 

In the past I invited fear to be with me when I was faced with a choice.  Have you extended the invitation to FEAR to be part of your decision-making process?  Facing a horrifically challenging life event is rot with fear, and choosing to move forward with that emotional driving choice just doesn’t work. 

When we feel it and use strategies, tips, and tools to understand and validate the fear it quietly calms.  Questioning what you need is being responsible for your inner world’s wellness.  

I practice calling in peace for myself and all.  I practice holding others in harmlessness  (practice, in no way am I done developing a practice)  but, man, oh man, can you imagine if we all just said what we needed in a loving way? What the shift would be?  And shared that with each other, INSTEAD?  

Holding each other in harmlessness can happen.  Here’s the journal prompt from my Harmlessness blog 

Journal prompt:  

The Metta Meditation Prayer ripple will go out into the world.

First to yourself: May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease.

Then towards others and the world: May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.

Try writing the Metta Meditation three times per day and ask yourself: What makes me happy? When do I know that all is well? When do I feel safe? Where do I find/seek peace?

You might want to read   Calling in the CALM: How to COPE when in fight-flight-freeze.

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