Are You Ready to Make Friends With Your Fear?

NOFEARIn my house, Halloween actually begins late September. Out come the plastic bins and decorations as early as possible.  One of our family’s spooky, scary and frightening big traditions is that of Booing. We become the Phantom Ghost!  We anticipate and begin to plot our “Booing” treats and strategies late September and in a sense begin scaring ourselves with our planning. 

In case you don’t know what booing is, it is Trick or Treat in reverse. 

Meaning you ring the doorbell and leave a gift on the steps along with a ghost that states the house has been booed!  Then the booed house needs to pay it forward and Boo others.  (
But the line that I hope you caught is begin scaring ourselves with our planning!  That’s right.  The anticipation is the scariest part.
Sometimes in our daily hopes and desires, the anticipation and planning to achieve a goal is the scarcest part.  The action of thinking, plotting, figuring it all out in our mind takes us away from the current moment, the heart direction,  and induces fearfulness.
The fear I experienced after the loss of my first pregnancy was paralyzing and I realized the more I tried to force my way through to the other side and WILL myself to move on,  the more of a vicious cycle I created of not only being fearful but also shaming myself.
Those dark, heavy emotions are part of us just as the light loving emotions are and when we bump up against the sense of fear, sadness, depression or confusion we, in the words of John Lennon, fall from loving ourselves fully. (See John Lennon’s quote below)
So, circling back to the Booing event coming up within the month of October, it is an example of both giving and receiving. What you give comes back to you and it is in the initial act of giving that you’ll be booed back. 
Just like booing, you have to give yourself the gifts of hope, courage and love while focusing and healing the fear, sadness and perhaps grief. 
Love yourself enough to know yourself truly and be with your fear. Recognize when it is the time for you to take appropriate action.  
Fear takes you away from faith because you lose hope that all is well.  When I read Jack Canfield’s quote “Everything you want is on the other side of Fear”, it hit home for me because once I get into fear-based thinking and I lose my heart connection I feel hopeless, which is certainly typical and acceptable… then I realize it is also healing and bringing the emotional stuff to the surface so that it reaches clarity. 
Taking action and calling in gratitude restores hope, faith and love.  Remember, you’re currently in an old creation  (thoughts and actions of the past creating your right now)  and all will be well as you move forward to your new choice.   
Don’t let fear stand in your way!  

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