Are You Struggling With Overthinking & Rumination?

Our weather has been so intense lately.  The duality of our world is perhaps reflected in the weather?  Drought and dry quickens into downpours and then cold swings into Indian Summer Fall Days. The other morning,  I was awakened to torrential downpours preceded by a summer-like day, you know the driving with all the windows down and the moonroof wide open kind of day! 

It isn’t atypical for me to be up before five o’clock in the morning but it was barely 4 am.  Laying in bed listening to the waves of rain walls hitting the house,  I started questioning myself if I closed my car’s moonroof.  I was sure I had double-checked when I arrived home… But then my overthinking took over.  Did I or Didn’t I? What if I didn’t? The inner chatter and rising anxiety was starting … I have been down this road before.  Did I leave the straightening/curling iron on?  Stove on? LOOP!   And felt the old resentment and annoyance of over-questioning myself. The predawn darkness in the house matched my current state of mind, so I got up, reassuring myself I had closed the moonroof while trying to see out the rain-dropped window looking towards the car,  without luck (pitch black out too) 

Finally, I stopped. “What do I need?”  I asked myself in the most non-judging, compassionate tone.  “To check” is what I heard my inner voice say! 

So,  grabbing an umbrella and slipped on flip-flops, and walked out into the darkness to my car and the closed moonroof. 

It was not logical, it was a hidden belief.  It wasn’t about the moonroof.  It was about some little part of me feeling triggered and most likely in some moment of my past when I was unheard or meant to feel I couldn’t manage well or perhaps simply just overwhelmed with the balance of it all! I felt this calm and held the space for myself without a critical rush to judgment.   I thanked myself for being responsible and concerned and then made myself my first cup of coffee. Acceptance is powerful in healing.  Making friends with that uncertain part is powerful.  Overthinking and remuneration are part of our experience and acceptance, appreciation, and love shifts it to trusting ourselves. 

Journal prompts Self-Questioning:  Overthinking? 

Check your anxiety.  If You and your anxiety are elevated then you can’t use your mental energy and think yourself out of overthinking.   What possibility could be your belief about yourself, others, or the future that is creating the increase in anxiety?  Ex.  If I had forgotten to close the moonroof before?  Did I double-check the moonroof!? You probably did it again.  Belief:  You’re unreliable? You can’t handle it all?  Have you failed before?  (Check out my blog  Feeling off?  You Only Need One Minute to Reset Your Energy! )

Bring in a voice to question your belief

  1. Listen within, first ask “What do I need?” 
  2. Acknowledge the current belief.
  3. It’s okay to shift and doubt that belief! 
  4. Reparent your inner current belief for healing.  Show up for your anxiety in a way perhaps wasn’t received in your past Compassion, non-judgemental and loving kindness

Healing through love is so dang powerful!  Be that loving person for you and your anxiety! Release it and thank it.  Or perhaps simply say a clearing statement such as “ I chose to release this now” and allow for healing inner and outer.  It’s a process and a conscious decision to tenderly acknowledge overthinking and anxiety as a part of you and it is so healthy to do so! 


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