August to Autumn

I hope you’re staying cool despite the sizzling Dog Days of Summer! While we’re still enjoying the summer vibes, I couldn’t help but get excited about the fantastic fall season that’s just around the corner. From August to Autumn is the best time of the year!

As we prepare for this enchanting time of year, I wanted to reach out and see if you’re up for trying something fresh and helpful. Ready to add a sprinkle of excitement to your autumn days?  So let’s plan on being together soon and let the magic begin:

Guess what? In honor of August to Autumn I’ve got some pretty amazing surprises in store for you!  I’m Sparkling Up how I offer support, 1:1 and group offerings! Learn more here! Fall Monthly Drop In & Check In Group offers something new and different to my hybrid coaching and mentoring group meeting early morning one day a week.  $29.00 early bird special!  Set your mental tone and watch what you can accomplish (as per request from a few of my clients).

Whether you’re just starting something, relishing a well-deserved break, or embarking on trying again—I’ve got something special tailored just for you! Remember, the best opportunities go to those who seize them! So, click the link above to discover the possibilities that await you.

Looking forward to embarking on this journey together and ensuring your fall is filled with success!  Have any questions?  Email Kristen directly

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