Being Social & Dealing with Infertility

Being Social & Dealing with Infertility

“It was the anticipation of the questions at the event and the not knowing when or if it would happen caused me great anxiety.”  Kristen 

Dealing with a diagnosis of infertility and then trying to survive in a fertile world is daunting. 

When I was dealing with my diagnosis I had extreme social anxiety.   The same has been expressed by my clients. That’s why I did a refresh to some proven strategies and prepared statements for the “Unexpected” interactions and sometimes hurtful comments from others.  I thought these suggestions might be helpful for a fellow Fertility Warrior anytime but especially during the holidays months.  I found myself so emotional and unprepared for the questions, comments and what I perceived as judgements from others! 

A Brief Description:

It’s hard to struggle with infertility when it appears that  everyone else can procreate at the drop of a hat!  Even if you know that one in eight couples experiences infertility, it can feel like you are alone with this medical diagnosis.  This may be especially so when you hear those unintentional but hurtful remarks from those around you. A good strategy is to have some quick responses handy to avoid ending up angry or in tears.  (Elevator Speech)    

Being Social & dealing with inFertility are some typical remarks you may be familiar with. In my book Love & Infertility:  Survival Strategies for Infertility, Marriage & Life I share tips and strategies for balancing it all!  I also share my anxiety over the questioning and my ability to reply while keeping my emotional self regulated.  Here are some of my tried responses, pick the script that resonates with you and put them into your fertility warrior tool box.

Download Here: When Dealing with A Diagnosis of InfertilityGift

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