The Benefits of Earthing

All of us New Englanders have been hit hard this past month with wicked winter weather.  The snowfall of 96.3 inches ties us for the second snowiest season on record.  Ouch!   So cold, snowy, dark and gloomy! 

Perhaps those adjectives are describing your current outlook too?  Does your outlook feel similar?   Cold, dark and gloomy?

The Benefits of Earthing - Infertility BlogThe cold, dark and gloomy is all removed when you shine light, warmth and understanding through loving kindness of self.
So you might have wondered why I created so much fuss over socks about the “Show Us Your Socks” event.   Well, here’s the story behind the story about self love and our feet!
Earthing!  I did discuss in my blog about being self-loving to your whole self during a retrieval or procedure regarding family creation, but the other benefit from being mindful of your feet/sock was the grounding effects of connecting to Mother Earth or Earthing.
So here’s some information on The Benefits of Earthing.
Earthing:  It’s Cold outside but we need to connect with Mother’s Earth’s Energy. Connecting daily with Mother Earth’s energy or electrons through the soles of our feet  is so important to keep yourself grounded but to stay connected. When it’s cold outside we’re all bundled up! If you can walk around your home during the day and connect the soul’s of your feet with the ground.    

Check out this great article:  How to Practice Earthing in the Fall and Winter?
I am excited to share with you this month’s guest blogger Angie Bell’s Spring Cleaning for Fertility!  Although it’s still wintery we can shift our energy to the spring and start today with some of Angie’s insights!  

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