Bring Back Desire: Guest Blog By Ande Lyons

Get her back quickly with these three tips!

Would you like more intimacy and sensual pleasure the next time you’re ready to share the love with your darling man? Then try these three tips to bring your andelyonssmall2Sexy Siren back. They’ll have you feeling passionate and desirable fast!

  • Buy some gorgeous, sexy lingerie to show yourself how sensuous you really are. (Sexy is a state of mind, not body… your man is not looking at your thighs and derriere the same way you do. He’ll be thrilled to have those delicious limbs wrapped around him … dimples and all!)
  • While listening to your favorite sexy, romantic music, take a hot shower or bath… cream on lots of lotion and spritz your body with perfume.  Then set the bedroom with lit candles, lowered lights, romantic music and other supporting products for your intimate moment.
  • Move your body slowly and sensuously to the music… allow yourself to be sexy…  feel your body responding…  and watch as your Sexy  Siren swirls to the surface.  Begin stroking yourself lightly… tracing your erogenous zones with your fingertips… first with your eyes closed… then look right into your darling’s eyes with a slight smile on your face. Seeing the passion in his eyes from watching you get tuned in and turned on will spark your passion, too.

Need a little more inspiration? Or feeling a little shy about asking for what you want? It’s OK!  Grab a copy of your favorite volume of bedtime stories for adults…  and start sharing which scenes turn you on.  Read out loud or just point…  because in the bedroom, men are really good at taking directions!

For more tips, tools and resources for increasing intimacy, sensuality and sexual excitement, visit Bring Back Desire – your daily destination for sensual pleasure.


(Originally published April 18, 2012)

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