Building Your Mindful Muscle

#TellAllTuesday – November 7th

On November 7th I’ll be talking to Tamara Green and David Dachinger, creators of Loving Meditations, about building your mindful muscle.

As part of Movember, Tamara and David have created a special meditation audio called Real Men Meditate!.

This is a quick yet powerful breathing meditation that benefits your body, mind and soul. Your breath clears and calms your mind like a one-two punch and oxygenates your blood. The breathing technique you’re doing today will invigorate your physiology in just seconds.

Imagine you’re watching an athlete, like an American Ninja Warrior or an Olympic weight lifter. Right before their big push of effort, you see them pause, centering themselves with several intentional breaths. This is a form of mindfulness that “real men” actually do!

Studies show that breathing is your built-in stress reliever. Mindfulness expert, David Dachinger, co-creator of the Loving Meditations app, will take you through three cycles of a simple yet calming breath technique.

>> Click here to download the “Real Men Meditate!” audio <<

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