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Kristen will be presenting during   What to do with remaining embryos?  Embryo disposition workshop about the emotional and legal considerations of what to do with remaining embryos.
RNE’s 30th anniversary conference. It will be virtual on 11/18.

Seeds of Hope Webinar – Tuesday, October 10th 6PM EST

Join the ‘Seeds of Hope’ webinar: Dr. Alison Zimon of CCRM Fertility is joined by Kristen Darcy, Holistic Energy Healer and Kristen Der, Resolve New England Volunteer, Cancer Survivor, & Mother for this heartfelt dialogue that empowers and enlightens on blending resilience and love, navigating the path of fertility amidst the storm of cancer. Together, we make the journey possible.

Divorce Intact

FREE Live Event! Going through a high conflict divorce from your narcissistic ex?
Leading experts will guide and help you to navigate your high-conflict divorce process.

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NIAW Complimentary Fertility Group Coaching

April 27th 6pm est. Receive tips and strategies for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being during your journey to create your family. Marriage, and Life.

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Divorcing Intact Coaching Group

Join me on Saturday, April 29th 9:30am est. Regardless of what stage you are in your divorce, you are not alone. Let me help you with tips, strategies and support to help you through this time.

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Category: General Expanding Male Contraceptive Options: Study Investigating A New Contraceptive Gel

January 15, 2021

Men who wish to control their fertility currently have limited options. They have to rely on their female partner using contraceptives, use condoms, undergo vasectomy, or abstain. The male contraceptive study being discussed is testing a gel as a possible new method for male family planning. It is a transparent gel applied daily to the skin of the shoulders. It aims to decrease a man’s sperm production in a reversible way without reducing sexual drive. The study also looks at the men’s compliance and couple’s acceptance of this contraceptive method.

Expanding male contraceptive options could help make family planning more of a shared responsibility between women and men. We are taking a deep dive into the study and recruitment requirements with the Director, Women’s Health Clinical Research Center at University of Pennsylvania and Principal Investigator of the study at Penn Fertility Care Dr. Kurt T. Barnhart and Director of Operations, Elizabeth Steider. Joining us on the advocate panel is Dr. Logan Nickels, Research Director at Male Contraceptive Initiative and fertility coach and author Kristen Darcy.

Expanding Male Contraceptive Options: Study Investigating A New Contraceptive Gel

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