Can you imagine?

What can you imagine?

I remember the fog that I was in when I realized the truth of my life with my ex husband. That was a heartbreaking, earth shattering revelation. A truth that hurt to my core and in my bones. To be honest it has taken time, strength and determination to overcome the past and ongoing high conflict post divorce environment.

There was a buried part of me who was creative and resourceful, brave and daring. And that part felt exiled and disconnected to the true me. The part of me who opened her own business at 22 years old. The part of me who was a homeowner prior to marriage. The part of me who wrote books and spoke to be of service to others’ healing.

Years later now, the creativity that was like a dear old friend has returned. Sometimes though we experience hiccups. I have overcome a great deal and learned valuable lessons. That past is all done now. Enough is enough. That chapter of my life is now closed. Re-mastering the friendship of your imagination and creativity after loss, betrayal, abandonment or abuse is something that is so powerful.

So how do you overcome the layers of conditionings and move into the mystical recovery?


Within meditation you can ask for support of your inner knowing and have your inner knowing tell, show and feel your future. Persistence and practice might be necessary to connecting with your unconscious mind when the monkey mind tries to override the peaceful moments.

Meditation for sparking change!

Try this mediation to connect to your imagination and begin an internal connection for change.

  1. Sit with your feet on the floor relaxing your back against the chair that you’re sitting in.
  2. Call in your angels, guides and protectors.
  3. Close your eyes and begin to complete a body scan. Notice where you might be holding tension or stress.
  4. Take a deep breath and breathe into that area of your body that you might be holding.
  5. Place your hand on your heart.
  6. Connect to utter radical acceptance and gratitude of your physical body.
  7. Connect to utter radical acceptance and gratitude of your mental body.
  8. Connect to utter radical acceptance and gratitude of your emotional body.
  9. Connect to utter radical acceptance and gratitude of your spiritual body.
  10. Whisper sweet nothings to yourself. Whisper kindness. Whisper appreciation. Whisper love. Say how proud you are of your accomplishments. Tell yourself that you love and accept all of you.
  11. Focus on your heart center. Ask your heart to share inspiration and connect you to your imagination wish.
  12. Stay here for as long as you like.
  13. When you’re ready, wiggle your toes, and open your eyes. Say “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

You might want to keep your journal handy and jot down images, insights or visions that were shared with you. Repeat this often and if you are feeling as though you did not receive a message know that you are connecting to that power center of you and healing. An immense internal change is starting by shifting from a stressed out emotional state to a pure consciousness connection.

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