Cha-Cha Motion

The other morning on my walk I stopped and watched a hawk spiraling up above me. The hawk was so graceful and fluid in the soft flight, moving up, and up within these circular motions. It was mesmerizing and I began thinking about how sure I was that the hawk wasn’t questioning the time it was taking to reach a new level of height. His contentment of circling around and arching up foot by foot was powerfully peaceful, joyous, effortless and continuous. There was an intent and purpose for the hawk’s flight.

It was an ah-ha moment for me about the importance and dire need for connecting to the wisdom nature teaches us. Us, humans, rush to complete and achieve, self judging all the way. Our inner dialogue or patterns pressuring us: It’s taking too long. This isn’t not good enough. The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual upset we live and we place on ourselves when the old and new collide.

I wished we accepted our growth in a different way. What I have come to experience personally and witness over and over again within my coaching practice. We are not regressing with the cycle of growth. We are constantly progressing and there are moments that feel gross and heavy, with a sense of a back slide which really is a gift to take a pause and acknowledge what is releasing and is coming up for healing.

There is a cha-cha motion to the journey of healing and growth. It might feel like four steps forward and two steps back but you are progressing. Or perhaps it feels like circling around again like a hawk in flight? Within the moment of feeling regression, there is a spark to take another dive and heal those hidden places which are coming up and presenting.

Progression and growth create an entirely new wiring of our brain, which is so amazing, the unseen happening while we are creating both within and without. Movement is a language the brain understands and enjoys (Steve Sisgold) and as Dr. Joe Dispenza is known for saying , “Nerve cells that fire together wire together.”

So, when you feel those feelings that have you triggered into feeling a giant backslide, you are not regressing, you are progressing creating an entirely new you! My wish for us is to focus on our graceful, fluid circular motions of growth as we spiral up! Riding our own thermals, updrafts rising, rising to our highest level while expending little energy judging and second guessing!

Cheers to our ascent!!

Reminding yourself that you are perfect takes practice. Try writing the affirmation below three times daily. Place it in a spot that you can see during your day, perhaps on a sticky note and each time you see it, feel your worthiness and imagine your powerful spiral of beauty.

I Am Worthy.
I Am Worthy.
I Am Worthy.

This week’s journal prompts:

Here’s a great exercise to help you celebrate!
List three (3) things that are not working right now then list five (5) things in your life that are working! The gratitude of what is working will flow through and shift into celebration of your life. Rock on Sistah!

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