Relieve Stress & Find Balance by Coloring a Mandala

o-MANDALA-900 (1)Growing up with an older sister (she’s gonna love this, she’s 2 years older) coloring was always one of our favorite pastimes.  Karen was always better at coloring than me, she stayed within the lines and her shading was even throughout.   She would meticulously keep her crayons in order, me not so much, our styles are still very similar but,  oh so different.  

But, we both would concentrate so intently on coloring sometimes that we would unconsciously stick our tongue out to one side. It was something so typically normal…an instinctive behavior. We both grew out of that (thank goodness) but some will never fully.  (Did you do that when you were young?)
What I remember most about coloring, side-by-side,  was that it was relaxing and restorative. 
I began to wonder, why as adults we just don’t color anymore? 
Now, within our crazy filled to the rim days we don’t just plop ourselves down on the floor, stomach firmly mushed onto the hardwood and color!  Purposively getting back in touch with our artistic side and using coloring as a creative outlet or extension.  Connecting to our creative passion to open ourselves up and keep the energy flowing through our Sacral Chakra. (Click here to learn more)
So, I googled ‘adults coloring’ and low and behold, coloring is on the rise again to help “fight” stress.  There is a great increase in Europe of adults purchasing coloring books and coloring parties! This trend seems to have begun in France (ooh, la la)
So I thought what an amazing idea!  Turn to Coloring Books to Fight Stress

Here’s the challenge: For the week leading up to the holiday that will not be named…for my fertility aware friends… (uhhmmm Mother’s Day)… Let’s Color Together!!!  And feel free to share your art on my facebook page

I really can’t remember how I stumbled upon this website, but there were Mandala choices within an exercise to see which one of those choices your eyes immediately went to. Not only that…you could print off and color!
 I took this very cool test and picked this Mandala, which is “Transformation”. Perfect for me right at this time! 
So, coloring isn’t just for kids!  Relax and get your creative juices flowing by coloring a mandala.  It is a powerful tool  to relieve stress and help you find balance & stay in the moment. Below are links to the Mandala quizzes. Find out which Mandala resonates with you.  Then go ahead and color it and share it.  

What is your Ruling Element?  Find out Here

What is your Mandala Match?  Find out Here


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