My 5 Best Tips to Create the 2016 of your Dreams!

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Did you see the Full Moon on Christmas, December 25 at 11:11pm(EST)?

It was 40 years ago that a full moon on the 25th occurred. I’m not going to tell you how old I was! (Yikes). There was another rare happening too, an asteroid flyby on the 24th.

The happenings in the sky and planets seem to be sending us a message and perhaps that message is to look up at the bigger picture of what’s happening and feel the dreamy feelings the full moon might illicit.

January is typically the goal/resolution month. As you might know for me personally January 1st is the goal setting day. Way back when, when I was driving my life hard, I woke that day with a mission to plot and plan the next year!

I was in a state of pushing my will to create, instead of gently listening and co-creating with the energy of desire and purpose for my personal and professional life.

Maybe it’s my age, but I wanted to offer a different approach to goal setting for 2016. A gentle, kinder approach to living your life to your full potential within love.

Here are my 5 best tips to Create the 2016 of your Dreams!

  1. Purge: Let’s start with purging out what no longer serves you. What people, places, things and relationships are not for your highest and best? Do you know which support you unconditionally and uplift you and those who don’t?
  2. Clean your emotional, physical and spiritual houses to create space for the new. You can’t pour coffee into a full cup, right?
  3. Dreams: How are your dreams making your feel? Are they causing you anxiety? That’s your mind talking.  Your heart/spirit dreams should make you feel aligned and have a spring in your step.
  4. Sit for a moment and ask yourself “What have I been dreaming of?” Then play the “this or that” game and weed through your dream garden plucking the mind dreams out and focusing on your true dreams.
  5. Goals = Dreams + Thoughts + Actions

As Cinderella says a dream is a wish your heart makes, but I’d like to add that a goal is a dream with thoughts and action behind it.

Goals are words used to describe your dreams. Simple as that.

What ends up happening is we let our thoughts drive our action and we increase the importance of the dream/goal and then we loose our perspective about the dream and have emotional responses when the dream isn’t manifested on our timeline.

Goal is a thought (dream) with a DIRECT purpose!

Action Item: Take a moment and jot down all your dreams for 2016. Go sailing, cooking class, travel, run a marathon…

Just let the thoughts drop from your mind, while listening to your heart, and jot them down.

Then, pick the top three! Those are the goals for 2016.

Don’t get caught up in the when, where, how and whys. Just know that you’re already sending your order out into the universe and the energy is in motion, already calling forth the opportunities needed to create your dreams.

Sometimes doing nothing is doing the most important thing!

Thoughts: How is your dream feeling to you? What are you thinking about your dreams? Or should I say overthinking?

The sure fire way of creating is living within Freedom of heart

Remember a goal is a thought with purpose or intention. You always have the right to change your thoughts or mind about a goal. You’re not stuck in your dream and you have the freedom to dream some more!

Allow your intention the magic that is destiny to bring it to you in divine timing.

Be Aware that Emotional charges or triggers behind the thought create emotional, physical and spiritual conflicts.

Ask yourself: Is your thinking gentle? Is your language kind to yourself? Validating and kind to yourself?

Remember positive self-talk and out-loud talk help you create or manifest what you want. Not what you don’t want!!

How you are feeling is most important in creating your goals!

Sparkle UP! Your emotions and your thoughts will follow!

Got Tribe?   Don’t go it alone!

Who’s your tribe? Who are the peeps around you,   to the left and to the right? Are they a supportive alliance group?

Listen to your inner voice and intuition about consciously creating your tribe. Create a ritual of sharing in a safe and non-judgemental way. Know that you will have a symbiotic relationship of giving and receiving and model the behaviors of your tribe. And be choosy! (4 or 5 peeps to start)

Joining our Tell All Tuesday Google Hangouts and asking for a buddy is one way to grow your tribe in a safe environment.  

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