Crossroads and Crossing Paths

For so many of us right now life seems to be at a major crossroads.

Some of us are either changing jobs, changing homes, changing friends, changing relationships or simply changing everything.

So if you one of us at the diving board of change, I want to offer something as a handrail as you climb up through the change!

Before you dive deep into the change or perhaps sitting at a decision making point, I offer you the time to pump the brakes and use some time to self reflect and ask yourself some heart-driven questions.

For a starter, you can begin to ask yourself if you’re aware of the people, places and things crossing your path as you embark on change.

Have you notice nature around you? Nature sends messages and insights especially when we might be feeling lost, depressed, confused or uncomfortable.

Have you paid special notice to the people who are showing up within your daily interactions? A chance exchange? A quick conversation or a gentle smile?

Have you noticed things that just seem to appear? Or something that you have lost suddenly showing up?

This might sound too woo-who for some of you but a few weeks back I was contemplating something and I kept finding dice, in the strangest places.

I found one on my desk. (How?)
Then I found one on the beach. (Really?)
Another in the laundry! (Come ON)

I started a pile on my desk!

Looking into the meaning of or interpretation this is what was found: “To believe in providential chance”.

That struck me.

Personally, Chance for me means faith and trust in the unseen.

What I connected to was unconditional trust in self and the universe that there is divine order and unseen forces at work on your behalf to bring you your heart’s desire or better than you can fathom.

There is natural cycle to change and awareness is key. To help you gain clarity or remain grounded during these moments of change I have created a free download 6 Powerful Must-Ask Questions to Create & Manifest Your Heart’s Desire.

What if change didn’t have to be such a challenge?

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