Cycling Between Moments of Darkness and Light

Unexpected resistance seems to be cropping up everywhere lately! Have you noticed, felt, or experienced this too? It feels like we’re swiftly cycling between moments of darkness and light.

Amidst this whirlwind, remember to tap into the power of your heart to overcome inner resistance. Trust in the grace of your innermost being to navigate through the fluctuations of external and internal challenges. Remember, like attracts like, so if darkness surrounds you, it’s okay.

Harness your innate grace to shift towards emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental lightness. There’s a profound realization in knowing that help is available whenever you ask for it.

The key lies in understanding your needs. Consider incorporating daily affirmations into your routine as a way to identify and address those needs. Personally, I continue to rely on my “I am filled with joy” affirmation, writing it three times daily and reciting it whenever resistance surfaces—whether from within or from others.

Empowering words serve as action statements that dissolve resistance, paving the way for greater clarity and positivity. Let’s embrace the power of language to uplift ourselves and others in our journey toward growth and fulfillment.

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