Did You Get Fooled?

Did you get fooled on April fool’s Day? I made it through the day with no fooling!

michaelmas_daisyNo fooling!  Has your day, week or month included fooling around? No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I mean have you experienced any joy, fun, lightness, airy- fairy energy or bliss?

Asking that question while you’re trying to conceive probably doesn’t engender a spontaneous high-five from you right now, does it?

April holds the  promise of rebirth. The earth is awaking from this very cold, long winter with sure signs lighter days are ahead for us.

So I am asking you this month to make the choice to connect to the fertile energy of spring!  Even in the darkest moments of the winter, we still have the promise of the light…

After I lost my first pregnancy and endured many physical complications, I was in a state of great darkness. One day the song “I Just Want to Fly” was stuck in my head. There I was in Marshall’s with my fertility buddy purchasing socks and singing this louder than I realized and we just burst out laughing!

Laughter is the best release of tension, stress and sadness.

So take a moment and listen to the video of this wonderful song.

Please join me during National Fertility (you know I don’t use the word infertile) Awareness Week, April 21 through April 27, for some soul connecting and uplifting offerings to help you know that you are not alone while creating!


(Originally Published April 17, 2013)

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