Divorcing a Narcissist (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery)

There is a cycle to the divorce process that includes before, during and after the proceedings. If you’re engaging in dissolving a marriage from a person who has a high conflict personality, Narcissist Borderline Personality Disorder or any of the Cluster B attributes, keeping the focus on action vs. reaction is critical. The change to wellness is to put the spotlight on health squarely on you. The acceptance of powerlessness over certain aspects of the process is your SUPER power! Learn more by scheduling a complimentary session here:

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Ladies you are amazing. I have just this week begun to do what you have described. (Asking what do i feel and what do I need) I didnt realise it was this but you have given me a name to the tool. I actually admitted to myself that I needed to speak out and not to be shut down like I have done in the past. I said to myself…no more, you need to say it. And so I said to the Narc in my life, ‘hey i want to tell you this, I dont want to just sit in sadness and stay silent, thats not me anymore.’ Then I said it. I told him and he actively listened which was nice. I do know I felt better than I have ever felt. I know I don’t have to sit on my feelings. Even if this narc changes nothing about himself, I have changed myself. I am proud of my steps to wellness. The power to change is delicious.

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