Ending Your High Conflict Marriage?


for Narcissistic Abuse & Betrayal

is exactly what you need

for BEFORE, DURING & AFTER divorce.

You CAN (& WILL) BE you, live in peace, date & love again!

It can be challenging to image a life free and peaceful after narcissistic abuse, trauma and a high conflict divorce.

You are not alone.

Divorcing Intact Coaching Group

Kristen Darcy, High Conflict Divorce Coach

Within a sacred space for Healing all of you!

You will find comfort in the estrogen safety net of the coaching group

Your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Bodies

Come and join the sisterhood of  women who understand.

  • Small Private Coaching Group (Anonymous option available) 

  • Space is limited to a small and intimate group

We will be together in understanding while working solo for our individual healing

  • Divorcing Intact Coaching Group with Kristen - Every two weeks
  • Divorcing Intact Video Series with the leading divorce, wellness & love experts
  • Weekly Sparkle Up blog, audio companion and journal prompt
  • Divorcing Intact Group Coaching Google Doc & messaging option
  • One individual private coaching session per month

When you’re within the divorce process with a high conflict person each phase of the divorce brings different challenges and creates continuous moments of high risk times.

The Divorcing Intact Coaching Group will guide you through the process of high risks times during all divorce phases so whether you’re just beginning your divorce process, dealing of issues within the negotiations and settlement phase or after your divorce with post divorce co-parenting or post divorce abuse you will be empowered to shift your internal triggers, make clearer choices and better decisions for yourself and your children.

Kristen’s small Divorcing Intact Coaching Group  will help you and your children move forward by providing strategies for ALL of you, your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies Divorce is messy, painful and chaotic. When you are dealing with a high conflict person, toxic emotions can be prevented from doing harm to you and your children.

If you are engaged in healing and use the tools provided through the group coaching I can guarantee you will get to the other side feeling more empowered, clearer and healing. Each person’s circumstances are different but there are definite similarities when you are divorcing a Narcissist high conflict personality and Kristen can help you navigate the process.

I'm In!


Develop your high conflict divorce coping toolbox to be action oriented and out of the constant chaos.


Connect to your inner wisdom! Healing & releasing your past trauma while identifying moments of high risk.


Create your Daily practice of growth and healing by rewiring your brain for peace and love your life again while maintaining clear boundaries.

Take part in this powerful Divorcing Intact Coaching Group to create and manifest your heart’s desire.

It will be the sacred space you need!

You'll be snuggled within an estrogen safety net!

I'm In!

Kristen Darcy specializes in one-on-one & group coaching that has help hundreds of women move through heartbreaking transitions, out of toxic situation or relationships to manifest and transform themselves from the inside out! You can have a live your live's dreams! You are worthy!