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  Divorcing Intact Virtual Summit, April 4-8th, 2016 

Acclaimed experts will address legal, financial, emotional and spiritual aspects during the process of divorce – by focusing on creating resilience & creating a holistic strategy.

Sandwich, MA, March 1, 2016: During the week of April 4th through 8, 2016, some of the nation’s most prominent divorce experts will be addressing a wide range of topics related to this subject, including legal tools needed for before, during and after divorcing, a women’s guide for filing for divorce, identifying if you’re engaged within a High Conflict Divorce and steps you need to take, self-care and after care of your mind, body & soul and also how to build emotional resilience during this traumatic life crisis.

Every 13 seconds there is a divorce in America.
6,646 divorces happen per day.
46,523 divorces happen per week.

The numbers are staggering and there seems to be an epidemic of High Conflict Divorce being driven by narcissist borderline disordered spouses. These high conflict divorces over run the court system and create irreconcilable trauma to not only the adults, but to their children.

Research has shown, January of each years brings an increase of calls into divorce attorneys seeking information about the process and March has been dubbed the “Divorce Month” ( due to the highest amounts of actual divorce filings executed. It was logical then for Ms. Darcy to host the summit during April to help with the initial phase of the divorce cycle to empower and provide insights, strategy and guidance from a place of “what we know now that we wished we knew then” so that a holistic divorce approach can be instituted. Since it is a virtual summit, participants can watch and listen in the safety and comfort of their homes and participate while enjoying a cup of tea, either in real-time or by replay via YouTube.

Kristen Darcy, a divorce & fertility coach and author of the award-winning Love and Infertility, and new offering “Divorcing With Grace”. Says Darcy: “We want to create a unique forum specifically for women who are contemplating divorce, just filed or in the throws of a very high conflict divorce and feeling blind-sided. Entering into the legal world and courtroom with your personal life being shared and dismantled causes emotional trauma and damage to adults and children as well. As the primary caregivers in the family, women are also responsible for helping their children through divorce and dealing with the feelings that arise. This summit will help give women and men the guidance and resources they need to make this life-changing transition.

Some of the confirmed speakers include Dr. John Gray of Men are from Mars, Women from Venus, Dr. Diana Kirschner, The Diamond Self, Trissan Dicomes from the High Conflict Institute, Debra Clement, Esq, Heather Quick, Esq, Bonnie Kirschner, Who Can You Trust With Your Money, Tamara Green, Loving Relationship Expert, Kim Saeed, Let Me Reach, Angie Atkinson, Joanie Winberg & Dr. Marc Sklar.

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About Kristen Darcy

In addition to being an author, Kristen Darcy offers coaching services to individuals facing a divorce and those challenged with infertility. She speaks at workshops and conferences around the country. She has been highlighted in national publications and broadcast media including NBC’s The Today Show, Woman’s World magazine, PBS’ Health Week and The Boston Globe. Kristen’s latest support offering is the Divorcing With Grace Downloadable MP3 program. In this informative download, Kristen explains the brief, but life-changing Divorcing With Grace System. This system can be applied in any situation whether it be infertility, divorce or simply a change in your life to help you embrace a new way of living within grace and from your heart. Please visit