Does Hope Springs Eternal?

The natural cycle of life came around again with, the shifting in emotions and energy. The promise, once again, that hope is eternal and the cycle of life from prosperity to adversity. And then adversity to prosperity will follow each other as spring follows winter.  Cold followed by warmth, darkness by light and the process to conceive to conceiving.

Robert Ohotto, the author of Fate into Destiny and a radio show host, shared his thoughts about how we make our pain sacred. How do we hold the space that allows us to see that through adversity there is light and a lesson that will carry us forward?  How do we hold the prosperity and share it with others through shining our light for all and learning to bring the sacred lessons from despair to faith?

We do this by simply acknowledging that we are both the dark and light and we need both.  We need both: the winter to retreat and learn from and the spring to shine and share. I promise you that the lessons of compassion, love, gratitude, acceptance and fortitude we learn through our heartbreaking moments of life circle around in some form of blessing in unexpected forms and gifts.

So, hope springs eternal because we are wired to be hopeful, loving, and unlimited in our being for eternity.

Here’s an affirmation for hoping  “ I am loved and supported fully.”

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