Don’t freak out! But, it’s okay if you do.

Isn’t it amazing how the emotion of fear just takes over sometimes? One calm and cool moment suddenly turns into the next moment of sudden total freak out FEAR.

I look at those moments as progress and choice points. The freak-out moments are a surge of fear and in those moments if we allow a pause to create space for a grounded calm consciousness to come in, we can choose love. Love and trust just go together (self-love and self-trust I mean) like peanut butter and jelly.

A state of trust makes the conscious choice instead of overacting or overthinking surrender into that moment and allow yourself to receive guidance or direction from your heart.

Through your heart.

I am still practicing getting comfortable with the uncomfortableness of fear waves. I remind myself it’s the cha-cha dance of growth (read the blog here), three steps forward and two steps back some days… but still progress and dedication to growth and healing.

Saying out loud, “I’m freaking out!” is a perfect way of discharging the energy rush. We’re all elemental energies and it’s a flush of energy that makes us take sometimes impulsive energy.

Stay aware of your loving divine self as energy and view the flush of fear as an alert and not YOU. You are precious.

Journal Prompt

Sweet calming inner dialogue: What can I practice saying to myself during the waves of fear to soothe myself and release the fear? Ex. All is well. Oh, I know this feeling…. Hold on.

Click here to download the journal prompt.


All is well. I know this feeling and release it.

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