Energy Steam Cleaning – Protect and Clear Your Energy Systems

Don’t laugh but on YouTube I watch videos detailing old or neglected cars. You know the ones with the YouTuber explaining how he cleans the car and what products he uses and then there is a big reveal of a shiny, super clean car at the end! It relaxes me to watch them.

One of the first, maybe most important, energy balancing or healing concepts that I learned and resonated with me was clearing/cleaning your energy body or system. During my infertility journey the mental and emotional bodies seem to be like house party guests that never leave! The mental chatter would take over and say unpleasantries to the emotional body, and they would get into some sort of energy cat fight! (Totally made up that analogy which is gonna stick because it is so accurate!)

Then during my high conflict never-ending abusive divorce it was like the energy of the mental and emotional bodies became a gang of negative energy, feedback loops whose job was to gather the energy of the toxic legal system like a dark tumbleweed of yucky black energy and make sure it stuck to me!! (Not as good an analogy as the party guest one! lol)

And within each challenging part of my life journey I was correct about my intuition about my energy systems in a way being corrupted.

I began asking myself this one question: Is this mine? Is this my energy? Because we all have a consistent baseline of how we relate to our energy and feel about our energy and we know when it is off.

The collective people interacting areas for both the infertility clinics and legal courthouse hold so much energy and we pick it up. (Check out this post: Is this Yours?).

But being aware of what emotional energy you are responsible to clear or someone else is critical in uncertain and stressful life moments.

Is this mine? Using your intuition for a reply: if it is then go to your “go to” clearing practice. If you feel that it isn’t yours you can imagine in your mind’s eye returning it to the sender. Or placing it into a beautiful white light… regardless of its origins, don’t care! Release and clear your energy and you will remain in clarity.

Journal Prompt

When I am around this person ______ or group of people I need to do_______ to protect and clear my energy.

What do you feel? How do you know that it is time to protect and clear?

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My bodies are clear and grounded.

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