Fall Cleaning and Clearing

The change in seasons opens up a time for Fall cleaning and clearing out!  The review of US can include what we see and what we don’t! 

Growing up the change in seasons meant a weekend of physically clearing the house, moving the furniture, wiping down the walls, and a deep clearing of cabinets and closets. TBH, I hated it, not that my mom was a taskmaster, okay kinda, but we were expected to stay focused and clean until it was complete.  I would be blaring John Denver, Olivia Newton-John and the Bee Gees and do what was expected to FALL Clean. 

When it was completed,  there was a sense of accomplishment and pride.  I look back now as a single mother and head of household and I appreciate how dedicated my mom’s house pride was and what that instilled in me and hopefully my children.  The reflection and evaluation brought in a moment of reverence for what we achieved, our values, and also our goals or aspirations. 

We developed a plan to manage the upcoming months and set goals and were aware of resources we would need.  But, most importantly, we let go of clutter from our living space that seemed to build up, like our negative thoughts and perhaps grudges. Most recently,  my weekly call with my website magic angel and I completed a “What worked and What Didn’t Work” review of 2023.  We agreed and shifted what our focus would be for the fall and winter. 

So,  I encourage you to download the worksheet and take a moment to do a bit of fall cleaning for the nine months of 2023 and then plan, organize and take action to create space for a new beginning or opening for the last part of the year. 

The Fall Cleaning Worksheet: Simply jot down all the “What Worked!”  and What Didn’t Work” for you in 2023.  You’re planting seeds for newness in your life with each decision and I encourage you to take time to nurture your skills, relationships, and self-care routines which are critical to your personal awareness and growth!

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  1. How is Autumn already here?! I love your ideas and cleaning tips. I know first on my list this fall is a fresh cabinet painting. That will work wonders for how the rest of our house feels. Thanks again for these great ideas!

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