Feeling Off? ​You Only Need One Minute to Reset Your Energy!

Have you ever just felt off? Like all of a sudden something shifted your energy and not in a good way? This is an emotional response to some stimulus that is perhaps just seeking out your attention to be discharged or for release.  Or perhaps the root of this feeling is from a very trying interaction or day that has left you feeling depleted?  

Sometimes the only thing to do when you get that feeling is to simply STOP!  Check in and do this quick mini-relaxation meditation.  

There is a mini-meditation or relaxation technique that packs a powerful punch and energy boost.

Simply count backward slowly from 60!

  1. Stop and become aware of your surroundings picking a focal point like you’re a ballet dancer or ice skater going to begin to spin!  With your gaze fixed.  
  2. Slowly and deliberately begin to count backward 60, 59, 58 57, 56,… keep going 
  3. Slowly, consciously and paced.  Focus on your own voice (inner or out loud) counting down.  
  4. Be within that minute.  As you inhale and exhale, counting down,  breathe deep into your chest so your belly fills with the air. When exhaling, control the air as it leaves your lungs. For these brief 60 seconds, your only responsibility is to count and breathe.  
  5. When you’re at “0” say thank you!  To yourself and your mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Do a quick check in and see how this minute reset affected you.  
  6. Become aware of your feet grounded on the floor.

This “60” second energy reset can be used when you’re feeling off,  want to ground in the moment or bring yourself fully present.  Either way the carry over effect of a minute countdown is tremendous!  Like I said above, for those brief 60 seconds, your only responsibility is to count and breathe.  

For example: You can do this minute meditation (relaxation) when you’re in an amazing moment, say you’re walking on the beach and the beauty is overwhelmingly stunning, stop and do the above which will create a rush of new neural net brain connections (like a brain selfie). 

Give yourself the gift of one quiet moment!  You deserve it! 


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