Abracadabra: The Universe is supporting your through divorce or infertility

picture of magical book

picture of magical bookA few years ago, my sister gave me a Tarot card gift box containing a palm reading book and tarot cards. Somehow the black gift box got pushed to the back of my bookshelf. But I recently discovered it when looking for a book for a client.

Dusting it off, I opened the box, drew the Chariot card and began reading about its meaning. I learned that sometimes Abracadabra, a word whose origins are Arabic or possibly Hebrew, is used to describe it.

Abracadabra has been associated with the magician’s catch phrase, but literally it translates as “What I have said will be done” or “As it is said, so it shall be.”

When the magician utters “Abracadabra,” the audience knows something big is going to happening right before their eyes! Perhaps he will pull a rabbit out of a hat or a woman will be cut in half. So when that word is uttered, we know to pay attention because a surprise is coming!

So how do we foster an “abracadabra” life style? How do we hold the energy of anticipation with the assurance that something spectacular is about to happen?  How do we live in that refined moment of time all the time?

The holding of the breath moment is when you know that upon your exhale, your wish, the trick or intent of “What I have said will be done” will happen without faulting.

How can you be in the moment?

Just as the magician must practice the slight of hand, and must create the illusion of the trick, we too must connect to the illusion that we are all one and that we are not separated from our power to live “What I have said will be done.”

This past month, four couples that I have worked with for years have achieved their goal of becoming pregnant.  Their pregnancies have come after many moments of heartbreak, many moments of questioning and many moments of throwing in the towel and contemplating giving up the dream of becoming a family of three.

But “What I have said will be done” took longer than they had anticipated and changed them and shaped them into different minds, bodies and souls.  The infertility journey transformed them into different people. Although they held onto their belief that a magic wand would be waved and, abracadabra, it would happen in an instant, they matured and became stronger because of it.

Magical thinking is powerful and faithful living is what makes the will be done.  It will help you know without a shadow of a doubt that the rabbit will appear out of the hat!! Abracadabra!

So your homework for this month is to imagine that you are on center stage and the spotlight is solely on you and your abracadabra moment… How long can you sustain that energy of creation? I am positive you can hold that sacred space for as long as your “what I have said will be done” will be done!


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  1. How long is your 3 part video series>

    1. Hi Teresa, The 3 part videos are about 15-20 minutes each and have a worksheet that is a companion to each video. This is a powerful exercise to help
      you get clarity. Feel free to email directly at kristen@kristendarcy.com if you have any other questions. Blessings, Kristen

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