For Infertility Providers: NIAW Special


Have you already planned something special for your patients, clients and staff members during National Infertility Awareness Week, April 21-27? If not, we have something special planned for you.

With Kristen’s assistance, you can show your patients, clients and staff how much you truly care about their emotional health and well-being.

NIAW SPECIAL for $1000. You can show your appreciation for your patients with:

  • 100 copies of Kristen’s award-winning book Love and Infertility (inaugural recipient of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association’s Best Book, Coping) to be distributed to patients and/or staff members;
  • A Patient Teleworkshop: A one-hour session that patients can access from the comfort of their home or office and where they can express their feelings in a warm, caring and guilt-free environment and learn Kristen’s special coping techniques; and
  • Pre and post workshop follow-up with clients who register for this event.

As a former fertility patient, Kristen remembers how stressful and tenuous her fertility journey was. There were moments of great despair when she did not know if she could continue with treatment. But she also recalls how certain doctors and nurses reached out to make her feel better emotionally, which made all the difference in forging ahead and ultimately being successful in building her family. Your positive, caring words and actions count in addition to your expert clinical care. They can be one of the major differences in setting your practice apart.

Please let us know if would like to discuss how Kristen’s services can benefit your clinic, agency or fertility organization, whether it is during NIAW or the rest of the year. We can help you build a customized plan that can include:

  • Workshop training for clinicians and other staff members
  • Patient seminars and teleworkshops
  • Distribution of her books as a value-added service and gift to your patients
  • Fertility coaching services

We truly believe that forming deep and meaningful relationships with your patients will bring much success to both your patients and clinic.  It is an investment in keeping patients motivated to continue with treatment, be successful and spread the word about your good work.

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions if you want more information about our services or to schedule a phone conversation. You also can visit our Web site

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Originally Published on March 29, 2013)

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