As we transition into Fall 2019 I wanted to discuss “forgiveness” as an overriding energy or concept for the remainder of the year. My fellow colleagues and I have begun classifying summer 2019 feeling like “Armageddon in people’s lives”.

The chaos, upheaval and distress that clients have been experiencing has been disportionate to that of feeling calm, centered and grounded. The rapid change of life felt like being hit by a train, either a purposeful transition or one that was thrusted upon oneself.

As most of you are aware, I lean heavily to the spiritual side of being and foster that connection within my 1:1 coaching sessions. One of my favorite teachers and guide is Diana Cooper. Diana Cooper and Tim Whilde work and write together about the interception from the divine. I recently listened to one of Diana Cooper’s Facebook videos while at that time personally struggling with forgiveness.

The feelings behind forgiveness of self and others, and hitting a wall trying to move past the overwhelming feelings of anger within a personal situation of betrayal. (Really putting my vulnerability out here this month.) Diana Cooper nonchalantly spoke of interrupting a negative thought about someone or self by first, forgiving them or self, second sending self or them a blessing and third VISUALIZING what you want!

These three steps held everything that I practice and share with you as my clients but something clicked. I began immersing myself within this three step forgiveness process and felt an instantaneous internal shift.

Forgive, bless and visualize what you want to happen.

This new combination lock strategy for forgiveness is powerful manifestation of healing, karmic creating and moved me forward with what I wanted to create and not feeling stuck in the slimy, sticky circular remuneration of betrayal. This easy to use method, Forgive, Bless and Visualize what you want, energetically cracks you open to your intention and ultimately your divine creation.

  1. Hold forgiveness for yourself or another person or situation.
  2. Bless that person or situation
  3. Visualize the outcome that you would like to have happen regarding this pers on or situation

Create and have peace of heart.

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