Forties on Fire – A Book By Kathryn Kos

Forties On Fire - by Kathryn Kos

Forties On Fire - by Kathryn Kos

Are you a perimenopausal female? This book was written for you! We hear all about menopause and that season of change. However, many women struggle with finding balance for years leading up to this point in their life. For some, it can start in your 30’s. Mood swings. Severe PMS. Irregular cycles. Inability to sleep. Many women are prematurely diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders and placed on antidepressants. I am not anti-medication, but I do feel we need to search for a root cause first and foremost.

I wanted to create a resource women can turn to that introduces the concept of functional medicine, and finding the root cause of hormonal imbalances. I want women to understand on a basic level what may be going on with their changing cycles. This book offers some guidance and support to gently nudge women in the direction of some natural alternatives, that can be easily applied to everyday life.

We often address nutrition and fitness. However, there are many components that need to be considered in order to live our best life and feel good. This book addresses our moods, sleep, sunlight, spirituality, social media, grounding, nutrition, supplements, functional medicine, movement, play, and sexuality. Looking at these components as pieces of a puzzle we can put together, and therefore start to feel better in our everyday life.

My goal with this book was to help women to understand what may be going on during this time in their lives. I want women to empower themselves and make the best decision for themselves, equipped with tools!

Book Teaser!

Have you heard of earthing/grounding? Earthing means connecting with the earth and finding peace and healing through negative ions.

“Earthing also shows promising help for thyroid function! One night of grounding produces a significant decrease in thyroid stimulating hormones. Many individuals taking thyroid medication found that grounding with medication actually increased hyperthyroid symptoms, thus needing to work with their doctor and adjust their medication downward. The thyroid is the master gland affecting all physiological processes in the body. Earthing just may be the primary modulator for our endocrine health!”

Thank you for reading and here’s to finding peace and balance throughout the next season of our life!

Kathryn Kos

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  1. Great post thanks for sharing. Every other person is talking about meditation nowadays and you are right that we should try to find the root cause of the anxiety, stress etc.

    1. Hello Akash, Thank you for visiting my site and commenting on Forties on Fire post. You’re right! Getting to the root of the stress or anxiety is the first step in healing the triggered emotion or emotions. Thank you!

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