All of You: Your Four-Body System

March 28, 2000. 22 years ago (how could this be?) I testified in front of the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriation 106th Congress session for Alternative Medicine.

At the time, I had a bit of an out-of-body experience because my fellow presenters were Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Hebert Benson and Dr Andrew Weil. I had a total fangirl moment over these leading experts in the mind-body complementary and alternative medicine field.

We were to share and implore the U.S. Senate, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations, The sub committee’s Chairman, Hon. Arlen Specter and members Senators Specter, Kyl, Harkin, and Murray about the importance of the expansion budget and work of NIH’s for complementary and alternative medicine. I was honored to be chosen to be part of the witness testimony regarding holistic wellness and shifting the perception to preventive overall health. Read it here:

The anniversary of me testifying got me reminiscing (aka reliving) about my fertility journey, my shatteredness at that time and life’s moments of crisis. We’ve come a long way regarding the awareness of infertility as a medical diagnosis, the amount of support offerings and the openness of the discussion around infertility.

But there is more to do. There is more to understand.

What I know for sure is… there is more to us.

There is more to our physical body.

We are bigger than our physicality.

We are more powerful than we believe.

When we unify ourselves in balanced wellness we are in our own personal heaven.


I want to share my understanding of the Four Bodies we have and how, when acknowledged and balanced, life shifts to unimaginable levels. Our four bodies are Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

Your Four Bodies – Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

Physical Body

This is pretty clear. It’s your skin and everything underneath. The brain, bones, joints, organs, blood and inners. We usually know when our physical bodies are out of balance by pain, tightness, functioning dysfunctions or stiffness. (Sleeping might be off, eating and pooping might be out of whack.)

When all is well and balanced we feel open hearted, energized, free from physical discomfort. Our bodies represent feminine or masculine energy (we have both always) and our physical body = masculine energy.

What is so wonderful for our physical body is grounding, walking in nature, playing in the dirt (gardening), stretching, dancing, yogo, walking/running helps you to connect and feel your power and strength and being in touch with your breath.

Emotional Body

I like to refer to the emotional body as the bridge between the physical and mental bodies. It houses our nervous system, hormones and this might sound a strange way to explain but our watery self. Tears, holding on too much, fear of letting go control, elimination from our bodies and, most importantly, touch. How emotional bodies can be seen is how visibly calm or anxious we are as we move through our day. As you might guess, the emotional body is Feminine and I believe intuitive.

When in balance your emotional intelligence flows and you are in trust. The balanced emotional body is connected and you are clear when a healthy emotional release is needed. Stress might bubble up and you implore a relaxation technique and self soothing such as meditation, cardio, breathing or journaling. The flow is peaceful and forgiving and your adrenal wellness is top of your awareness.

Mental body

This is our conscious and unconscious blue prints. How we view our self worth and our position within the world. It includes our thoughts (mental chatter), attitudes, judgements of self and others. It’s our intellect. Our figuring everything out; analytically how we process all the stimuli and information. Our words, focus, dreams, goals and manifestation of our lives.

Focusing on or obsession on something that is not future positive thinking brings an unbalance to this body. Confusion, lack of clarity and fogginess, doubt and low self worth and self care. The sense of being in your head can be a sign of a mental body out of balance, jaw pain (tmj) is a clue to focus on re-balancing or rerooting the mental body.

The mental body is a masculine energy and when you sense a regression or something coming up for clearing with your mental body talking and connecting to your emotional and spiritual bodies brings balance. A mental release comes through emotionally connecting to your heart and spiritual body with the support of a coach or therapist. It is beneficial to have a talk session with a mentor as emotional support.

Spiritual Body

This is the true essence of you. It is our connection to the world and the divine at the same time! The mind-blowing part is that YOU are simultaneously connected, always connected to the universe and beyond. (I hear Buzz Lightyear in my head “to infinity and beyond!”)

There is an awakening occurring now and the connection, protection, union, guidance and communication to the higher realm is literally where we are all moving to.

Our spiritual bodies are our outermost self in our energetic field.

We are all one. We co-create our existence through the balance system of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body. Our spiritual body is feminine energy and when accessed, we hold gratitude, generosity of spirit, giving and caring of others and then we know heaven is within and live in a grounded state of LOVE.

Journal Prompt

What needs to be cleared or brought into balance?

So, when you’re feeling wonky, or off… take a moment, with your hand on your heart, pause and feel into YOU.

Is there a wobble? Is your emotional body needing your attention? How is your physical body? Is there loud mental chatter? Or does your spiritual body require some spiritual practice? The daily unification of your bodies help move through life’s trauma, upset and learning with a different perspective.

Write a love letter to all of you and hold yourself in gratitude.

Dearest bodies, I am so grateful for you and here’s why: __________________________.

Asking for a commitment to your self-care: What is one thing you can do today? This week? This month?

I commit to _____________ for my mind/body/spirit/mental body wellness.

Affirmation: I am whole & in love with all of me!

Balance, balance and more balance!

Listen to the audio companion:

Click here to download the journal prompt.

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I would like to hear your feedback! Is this the first time you’re reading about our Four Body system? What do you think?

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