Getting Your Heart and Head on the Same Wavelength

1418889The month of May brings promise and hope. Springtime re-birthing and cleaning has us focusing on emptying out so that we can fill ourselves back up.

Sometimes when faced with a life challenge or life crisis we hold onto so tightly to what we know is safe and secure in order to mange the crazy unknown.

But the holding on can hurt more than the act of letting go.

Imagine the image of your hand simply letting go of the rope, the tug of war perhaps with someone else or perhaps between your heart and your head.

Are your emotional body and your mental body battling?

That is okay if that is what is currently going on because we’ve all been there and done that. Your emotional body, the vessel that holds your waves of emotions has it purpose just as the mind/head part of you. So are they in sync?

Maybe not right now but it is the cycle of creating; the winter to spring, the empty to full, the heartbreaking life changes and disappointment to dreaming a new dream.

*Here’s a strategy to try for your body:

For a moment, sit with your feet on the floor and breathe in and out becoming mindful of your normal breath. On your inhales and exhales say quietly to yourself, “I breath in love” and “I breath out love”.

This simple exercise shifts the focus from your head to your heart bringing in opportunity for resolution.

Young-Adult-Help-Sign-Credit-iStock-160232248-300x200We have a great line up of Tell All Tuesday schedule for May click here to view them and remember to sign up to be entered in the drawing for the goodie. This month’s goodie is an hour and half coaching session with me. Click here to learn more about my coaching offerings.

*In the meantime, here’s an oldie but goodie blog post about Head Vs. Heart with a mini relaxation strategy to try for your body:


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