Go Easy on Yourself

The holiday season, while joyful, can also stir up forgotten memories from the past and create heightened expectations for the future, leading to moments of emotional instability and unease. During this time, it’s crucial to set an intention: ‘Go Easy on Yourself.’

For many of us, our to-do lists seem never-ending, and we often place self-care at the bottom. (or not at all on our list!)  It’s important to pause, reflect on the past year, and find a moment of respite amidst the holiday chaos. What we truly need is the gift of time. Taking a step back allows us to reconnect with ourselves, contemplate our lessons, release what no longer serves us, and nurture the aspects of ourselves that are undergoing renewal. ‘Go Easy on Yourself.’

Recognizing divine timing and understanding the natural ebb and flow of life’s cycles is essential for our well-being. However, if you’re ready to take action, consider this simple yet potent question: ‘If I had unlimited time, talent, money, and unwavering support from my family and friends, what would I aim to accomplish in the next twelve months?’ 

This question can be a powerful catalyst to set you in motion toward a creative and fulfilling direction.  You might have heard me speak about this question and used it before, perhaps in January. What I have found true for me and others is that sometimes in the midst of life’s craziest moments a moment of dreaming shifts and gives us the resilience we need to continue.  

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