Have you lost that loving feeling?

There is a healing happening right now. Can you feel it? See it? Hear it?

The movement of affirming women and changing the climate of what is tolerated and what is not tolerated.

Over the past few months what I have found within my coaching practice is that there is a fire igniting our voices and perhaps a gap between what we want to say out loud and what we are trying to override within our own self talk.

For the month of February I want to offer a new learning of affirmation or affirming, overriding that old script or pattern that was taught to us, that is no longer serving us.

For the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the day of LOVE, I will be sharing 14 Daily Affirmations and I am challenging you to write down, in your own hand (no electronic devise use). Jot it down in your journal, in your calendar, or on a sticky note.

Then after the 14 days are completed, choose the one that tugged at your heart, the one that perhaps made you have goose bumps, the chills or maybe even cry. Pick that One: Write it for 21 days! Affirming YOU!

Here is the definition of affirm: “State as a fact. Assert strongly and publicly. Offer someone emotional support or encourgagement.” By the way, it’s a verb. And a verb means action! Collectively we all need that right now. To speak to that part of us, our little self if you will, that needs to be healed and in turn become the healer to others by modeling that assertion which we strongly and publicly show!

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Day One: I am accepted and loved.

Say it, feel it and write it!

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